2009 - April

Todd Scheel

Location:Various Vilas County, Wisconsin Lakes, Wisconsin
Product:Aglia Long
Fish Caught:Walleye
Testimonial:I have had wonderful success walleye fishing with #2 Aglia Long single hook spinners in a variety of colors particularly early in the season. I fish them dressed with a half nightcrawler or a fathead minnow and work the edge of weedbeds.


Location:Oneida Lake, Syracuse, New York
Product:Black Fury
Fish Caught:Pickerel - Pike, Northern
Testimonial:I have been fishing since I was 5 and have only caught Northern's in Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands region where we had our family camp. I also usually only use nightcrawlers, but since it was early spring April 25th, and the weather was so nice this day we took the boat out just to see what we could do. After about half an hour they started biting and it didn't stop from there. From about noon 'til three it was non-stop catch-and-release. I caught three Northern's, 17, 21 and 23 inches. My fishing buddy was using a Mepp's red spinner and he caught three Northern's and a Pickerel. I love spring fishing anyways but because of this lure, it was great! We were using my father's Mepps, but after that day, I am going very soon to buy my own supply! Can't wait to do it again!


Location:Warren, Michigan
Product:Aglia & Dressed Aglia
Fish Caught:Trout, Rainbow
Testimonial:I love the size 0 single hook Mepps for stream trout. They're small enough for the small trout but still have a large enough hook and strong enough frame to handle bigger trout. Silver and Gold are my favorites and I like to use these in slower water ,but if your fishing fast water be sure to reel S-L-O-W or the bait will just ride too high in the water.


Location:Warren, Michigan
Fish Caught:Trout, Rainbow
Testimonial:I always have size 1 XD's in my trout box. I love these in faster water because I can fish them very slow and keep them in holes a lot easier than the classic Mepps. Silver and Gold are good standbys but I also like the brown trout and rainbow trout colors. I also love the quality of this spinner, it's worlds better than other sonic spinners.

Niko Dimuzio

Location:Fox River,Algonquin , Illinois
Fish Caught:Carp
Testimonial:Man, today was great fishing at the Fox River. While using the Syclops, bam a giant carp hit me so hard I wound up cacthing two.


Location:Lake Pymatuning, Pennsylvania
Product:Black Fury
Fish Caught:Musky
Testimonial:I was at Pymatuning and was bass fishing with my little #2 Black Fury and I caught a 37 inch 15 and a half pound musky.

Colin Wehrle

Location:Private Lake, Illinois
Product:Black Fury
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth
Testimonial:This lure has caught me the biggest bass of my life, I was throwing this on a cloudy day, I was catching bass then bam, the big guy hit, 5 pounds 10 ounces.

John D

Location:Kittatiny Lake , New Jersey
Product:Giant Killer
Fish Caught:Pike, Northern
Testimonial:I am not a good fisherman, but using these Mepps lures I have caught many cockroaches (northern pike). I caught so many yetserday I lost count. I also out fished everyone on the boat..Which makes me feel bad because I am the only one having fun. If you like roaches you'll love the Mepps #5!

Mike Marquardt

Location:Hand Lake, Pine River, Minnesota
Fish Caught:Pike, Northern
Testimonial:One of my cousin's buddies came up to our cabin for a weekend just to try to catch some fish. We have been fishing this lake for years and never caught a fish as big as the one he caught. A 42 inch northern. Ever since then, my cousin and I have used the same lure, a green/ orange #3 Mepps Syclops. We had never even heard of the lure before, but, now it is our favorite to fan cast the weed lines!!

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