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Choosing Monofilament for your Mepps Fishing

By: Staff

Fishing with a completely balanced outfit is an important consideration. Your rod, reel, line and lures should be matched, to cast and fish most effectively with Mepps, The World’s #1 Lure! We understand there are multiple line types to choose from, we are focusing on monofilament line in this article.

We recommend using the following size monofilament line with your Mepps spinners:

  • For Mepps spinners weighing 1/8 ounce or less, we suggest a 4-pound test line as maximum. Light line should be matched with size 0 and size 1 spinners.
  • When casting Mepps spinners between 1/8 and 1/4 ounce, or size 2 and size 3 spinners, we suggest a 6-pound test line.
  • For spinners in the size 4 and 5 range, our recommendation is 8 or 10-pound test.
  • With Giant Killers and Musky Killers, a 15 or 20-pound test line is best.
Mepps Spinners

In giving our recommendations, our main concern is that you will be able to cast effectively.

Because of so many varying conditions, you may find it necessary to use a lighter or heavier line than we recommend.

For example, if you’re fishing with a size 0 or 1 spinner in heavy weed cover, you may find it necessary to use a heavier line than the 4-pound test we recommend. By the same token if you’re using a large spinner in open water where a fighting fish is unlikely to be able to wrap around any obstruction, you may want to use a lighter line than we recommend.

All monofilament line has a memory, which means when it’s casted it’ll retain a curl or coil as it comes off the spool of your reel. The curl in a heavier line creates more drag or resistance when casting. A heavier lure is needed to straighten out the kinks in a heavier line.

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