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More record fish have been caught on Mepps lures than any other fishing lure - more than all other spinners combined! Our 5000+ spinners and spoons are still hand-made to the same high quality standards that three generations of fishermen have grown to expect.

Need help selecting the right lure? Consult our Lure Selection Guide.

Aglia & Dressed Aglia Thumbnail Aglia BRITE Thumbnail Aglia Long Thumbnail Aglia Marabou Thumbnail
Aglia & Dressed Aglia Aglia BRITE Aglia Long Aglia Marabou
Aglia Streamer Thumbnail Aglia Tandem Thumbnail Bantam Syclops Thumbnail Black Fury Thumbnail
Aglia Streamer Aglia Tandem Bantam Syclops Black Fury
Comet Mino Thumbnail Comet TRU-V Thumbnail Crawler Harness Thumbnail Dorsal Fin Thumbnail
Comet Mino Comet TRU-V NEW Crawler Harness NEW Dorsal Fin
Double Blade Aglia Thumbnail Flying C Thumbnail Giant Killer Thumbnail Giant Killer Mino Thumbnail
Double Blade Aglia Flying C Giant Killer Giant Killer Mino
Giant Killer Plain Thumbnail Giant Killer Sassy Shad Thumbnail Grab Bag Specials Thumbnail H<sub>2</sub>10 Thumbnail
Giant Killer Plain Giant Killer Sassy Shad Grab Bag Specials H210
Little Wolf Thumbnail LongCast Thumbnail Magnum Musky Killer Thumbnail Mepps Kits Thumbnail
Little Wolf LongCast Magnum Musky Killer Mepps Kits
Mepps Marabou Thumbnail Musky Killer Thumbnail Musky Marabou Thumbnail Double Blade Musky Marabou Thumbnail
Mepps Marabou Musky Killer Musky Marabou Double Blade Musky Marabou NEW
Replacements Thumbnail Spin Flies Thumbnail Spinner Paks Thumbnail Syclops Thumbnail
Replacements Spin Flies Spinner Paks Syclops
Syclops Lite Thumbnail Thunder Bug Thumbnail Timber Doodle Thumbnail Trolling Rig Thumbnail
Syclops Lite Thunder Bug Timber Doodle Trolling Rig NEW
Trophy Series Thumbnail Ultra Lites Thumbnail XD Thumbnail DeepRunner Thumbnail
Trophy Series Ultra Lites XD DeepRunner
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