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The Mepps® Aglia®-e combines the proven, fish-attracting properties of Mepps® Aglia® with the look and feel of a single egg - a favorite meal of trout, steelhead and salmon everywhere. During certain cycles of the spawning seasons, fish become very focused on eggs as their main source of food. The Aglia®-e takes advantage of the fish's fixation. Available in 6 sizes, 6 fish-catching colors, a gold or silver Aglia® blade and single or treble hook, you're sure to find the exact combination to tempt the trout or salmon in your stream.


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Fish Species

Size #0

Arctic GraylingBluegill / Sunfish / BreamBrook Trout
CrappieCutthroat TroutDolly Varden Trout
PerchRock Bass / Goggle-EyeWhite Bass

Size #1

Arctic CharArctic GraylingBluegill / Sunfish / Bream
Brook TroutCarpCrappie
Cutthroat TroutDolly Varden TroutPerch
Rainbow Trout / Palomino TroutRock Bass / Goggle-EyeSauger
SteelheadWhite Bass 

Size #2

Arctic CharArctic GraylingBrook Trout
Brown TroutCarpChum (Dog) Salmon
Cutthroat TroutDolly Varden TroutHumpback (Pink) Salmon
Ouananiche (Landlocked Atlantic) SalmonPickerelRainbow Trout / Palomino Trout
SaugerSmallmouth BassSockeye (Red) Salmon

Size #3

Arctic CharAtlantic SalmonBowfin / Dogfish
Brown TroutCarpChum (Dog) Salmon
Coho (Silver) SalmonHumpback (Pink) SalmonLake Trout
Largemouth BassOuananiche (Landlocked Atlantic) SalmonPickerel
Rainbow Trout / Palomino TroutSaugerSmallmouth Bass
Sockeye (Red) SalmonSteelheadWalleye

Size #4

Atlantic SalmonBowfin / DogfishBrown Trout
Channel CatfishChinook (King) SalmonChum (Dog) Salmon
Coho (Silver) SalmonHumpback (Pink) SalmonLake Trout
Largemouth BassNorthern PikeOuananiche (Landlocked Atlantic) Salmon
PickerelSmallmouth BassSockeye (Red) Salmon
Striped Bass / RockfishTiger MuskellungeWalleye

Size #5

Atlantic SalmonBlue CatfishBowfin / Dogfish
Channel CatfishChinook (King) SalmonCoho (Silver) Salmon
Flathead (Mud) CatfishLake TroutLargemouth Bass
MuskellungeNorthern PikeStriped Bass / Rockfish
Tiger Muskellunge


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