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Genuine Silver Plate vs. Silver

Genuine Silver Plate vs. isilver/i

Fishermen often use the word silver too loosely. They may call a lure silver when it is chrome or nickel plated. So what, you ask. Same thing, right? Nope! Genuine silver gives off a much more distinctive flash. In fact it is produces a bright white flash, so it is visible under almost all water conditions. Chrome or nickel may look like silver in the package, but there are big differences in the water. Under identical lighting conditions, notice how the Mepps Aglia blade in the photo is bright silver while the imitation Mepps has a dark cast. It's not from lighting or trick photography. It's the difference in the reflective properties of silver and chrome or nickel. Under water, it's even more noticeable. Sometime while you're retrieving a silver plated Mepps, have a friend retrieve a nickel or chrome plated lure next to it. You'll notice the flash from the silver blade looks almost white. The "flash" from the chrome or nickel blade is a tarnished brown. Does it cost more to silver plate a blade? Sure it does. But which lure would you rather be fishing? Mepps unsurpassed quality, just one reason generations of fisherman, have considered Mepps their confidence lure.

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