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Dorsal Fin

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Perfect for both largemouth and smallmouth bass

The Mepps Dorsal Fin is unlike any other in-line spinner. Its unique, innovative vertical fin design, and single hook, allows it to pass through most vegetation without getting hung-up. Because the Dorsal Fin spinner weighs 5/8 oz., it casts a country mile. But, in the water, its neutral-buoyant nylon fin allows it to be retrieved in the same manner as a 3/8 oz. lure. Every Dorsal Fin features a life-like design that includes a holographic eye, a dark back, and a bright throat. It also has a raised gill plate and a moulded realistic scale pattern. Although its silicon skirt allows it to be effectively fished without a trailer, its extended locking-bend wide-gap worm hook is perfect for rigging just about any soft plastic lure. All Dorsal Fins feature a Mepps #4 Aglia blade for maximum thump and vibration.


Reviewer:JohnVanderbeck (Private Strip Pit,Petersburg, IN, Indiana)
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth
I received a complimentary Dorsal Fin because of my purchase of other products through Mepps and thought this is a strange looking lure. But, this past month I decided to try it out. Two friends were along and we had caught a lot of small bass and noon was close at hand. I was in a back part of the lake where I never caught anything, so I tried the Dorsal Fin throwing down along a grass line. When the fish hit, I knew immediately it was a big one and hollered "Get the net". My buddies looked in vain as it was at their home. Don Byer from Bicknel said, "I can lip him". He did and the largemouth was 21 inches long and the largest I had caught in several months. The Dorsal Fin worked at noon on a bright, warm day in southern Indiana! John Vanderbeck

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Fish Species

Size #4

Largemouth BassSmallmouth Bass


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