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H210 HO-BO
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The heavy-weight Mepps H210 tandem spinner weighs-in at a full 3-ounces. It measures 9" long from it's eye to the end of its tail. The H210's solid brass blades and body are complimented by a rugged Sandvic stainless steel shaft, and its bright 100% holographic tail is expertly hand-tied to tandem 7/0 VMC cone cut hooks. Every component is perfectly balanced. You won't find a better tandem musky spinner anywhere.

If you compare the sound of the Mepps H210 with Mepps other musky spinners you'll quickly discover the heavy thump of a big spinner blade is enhanced by the two #10 Indiana blades spinning in tandem. We also recorded #10 Colorado blades spinning in tandem and discovered the sound was actually muted. Sound travels fast underwater and the rapid tremolo effect of the two big Indiana blades spinning in unison, coupled with the additional flash of the second blade, is sure to attract trophy fish.

100% Holographic Flashabou

Musky Fishermen know Mepps® makes the premier spinners in musky fishing. The Mepps® H210 has all the features needed to continue that legacy including...

  • Two #10 Magnum Indiana blades for maximum flash and vibration.
  • Two heavy duty 7/0 VMC cone cut hooks maximize your catch rate.
  • Solid brass components assure perfect balance and operation.
  • Jointed construction eliminates the force big fish can exert on the lure.
  • Split ring assembly allows blades & tails to be mixed and matched.
  • 100% holographic Flashabou for maximum attraction.

Mepps bucktails and marabous were voted America's favorite musky bucktail by the readers of Musky Hunter magazine.


Reviewer:Barry Klatt (Minocqua, Wisconsin)
Fish Caught:Musky
Barry Klatt, Rollie and Helens Musky Shop Guide. I have been using the new H210's with my guide service the last two years, WOW what a difference they have made. Mepps really hit a homerun with this one. We are consistently having multiple fish days. Mepps thanks for this great lure!
Reviewer:Steve Heiting (Lake Of The Woods, Ontario, Canada)
Fish Caught:Musky
I just returned from two weeks on Lake of the Woods' Northwest Angle, where I fished the H210 right alongside other similar lures. The H210 was not only as effective at triggering muskies as the other lures, but my partners and I were impressed with how much better it cast -- both for accuracy and distance -- thanks to its jointed design. When we found the color the muskies wanted we were all able to take advantage because we were able to mix the blades with the tails, again thanks to the jointed design. And when we unhooked our fish we found the H210s were not bent up as often happens with other lures. Mepps has hit a home run with this product.

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