Mepps Dorsal Fin

Mepps Dorsal Fin Sports Weedless Hook Design

Mepps Dorsal Fin

The Mepps Dorsal Fin is unlike any other in-line spinner. Its unique, innovative vertical fin design, and single hook, allows it to pass through most vegetation without getting hung-up.

Because the Dorsal Fin spinner weighs 5/8 oz., it casts a country mile. But, in the water, its neutral-buoyant nylon fin allows it to be retrieved in the same manner as a 3/8 oz. lure. Every Dorsal Fin features a life-like design that includes a holographic eye, a dark back, and a bright throat. It also has a raised gill plate and a molded realistic scale pattern.

Although its silicon skirt allows it to be effectively fished without a trailer, its extended locking-bend wide-gap worm hook is perfect for rigging just about any soft plastic lure. All Dorsal Fins feature a Mepps #4 Aglia blade for maximum thump and vibration.

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Jim Martinsen
626 Center Street
Antigo, WI 54409-2496
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