Mepps H210

Mepps H210 Engineered for BIG Fish

Mepps H210

Musky Fishermen know Mepps makes the premier spinners in musky fishing. The Mepps H210 continues that legacy. In addition to Mepps hand-assembled quality, every Mepps H210 features the following…

  • Two #10 Magnum Indiana blades for maximum flash and vibration.
  • Two heavy duty 7/0 VMC cone cut hooks will maximize your catch rate.
  • Solid brass components assure perfect balance and operation.
  • Jointed construction eliminates the force big fish can exert on the lure.
  • Split ring assembly allows blades & tails to be mixed and matched.
  • 100% holographic Flashabou for maximum attraction.

The H210 comes in a variety of proven colors, and you can see them all at: More record fish have been caught on Mepps than any other lure. To receive a current Mepps Master Catalog, visit our web site or call 800-713-3474. Mepps, 626 Center St., Antigo, WI 54409-2496.

Download this release with high resolution product images.

For additional information contact:
Jim Martinsen
626 Center Street
Antigo, WI 54409-2496
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