2014 - April

Kevin McKenna

Location:Lake Erie, Ohio
Product:Trolling Rig
Fish Caught:Walleye
Testimonial:Fished Lake Erie the week of April 18-25 in and around the Bass Islands. The water was a little cold (44F)for crawler harnesses, still did really well on the Trolling Rig at slow speeds all through the water column. (10-45 feet back with one ounce)We did the best on blue, crayfish and firetiger colors with Colorado Blades. If you are using them with large fish, change the trailer hooks out to larger hooks.
I can hardly wait to use it this summer here in Wisconsin. The extra bulk of the lure proved itself on Lake Erie for big eyes.

James Mengel

Location:Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Pennsylvania
Product:Thunder Bug
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Trout, Rainbow
Testimonial:This lure works perfectly in shallow streams and rivers where the current is fast and the water is clear. The fish can't resist going for this lure, it never fails. When the scent baits aren't working just pull out The Thunder Bug and watch the magic happen. This lure is a must for any species of trout; the #00 works the best in all silver.


Location:Leaser Lake, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania
Product:Black Fury
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Pike, Northern - Trout, Brook - Trout, Rainbow
Testimonial:This lure works fantastic in deep rocky water where visibility is low. It retrieves smoothly and casts perfectly (as in weight). I use the No. 2 mainly and catch about 8 trout per day in the 9-11" inch range. The dressed lures even attract 2-3 lb. bass in at times. Overall a great lure made by the best in the business.


Location:Kewaskum, Wisconsin
Product:Musky Killer
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth - Musky - Pike, Northern
Testimonial:It brings a tear to my eye every time I think about this lure. The white blade and white tail Musky Killer has produced more fish for me than any other lure. I caught a 49 inch muskie last summer with this lure and countless northern and smaller muskie. It is a feeding frenzy every time it is thrown in the water. You can run it as shallow as you want and even have the blade create a wake on the surface. Perfect for shallow casting over weeds for monster fish. If you throw this lure you will not be disappointed. Great job on the lure, Mepps.

Adrian Webb

Location:Dasher River, Sheffield. Tasmania, Australia
Product:Black Fury Ultra Lites
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown

Laurence Holden

Location:Smith Pond, Rockville Centre, New York
Product:Double Blade Aglia
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth
Testimonial:My #5 double blade in hot orange/black has been my go to lure in murky waters. The action seems to attract more hits than any other lure I own. I fished this one lure hard in a spatterdock ridden area, many times having to go swimming to retrieve it. Normally I would have just cut the line and called it a day, but I could not part with it. In fact, I normally would be fishing weedless in spaterdock but the double blade results was worth the headache of snagging. Highly recommended for Pickerel and Bass (small & large)

Adrian Webb

Location:Mersey River, Merseylea, Tasmania, Australia
Product:Black Fury Ultra Lites
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown

After doing the grocery shopping this morning and no sign of rain about I thought a trip over to Merseylea may be worth another go seeing my trip was cut short there yesterday. I decided to fish another section further upstream this afternoon and arrived at the Mersey River around 1.25pm to very windy conditions. Something I wasn't expecting, as there was only a light breeze at Sheffield when I left. Still nothing I can do about it, but it's going to make the fishing tough as it will be right in my face a s I work my way upstream. The wind gusts are sometimes strong and then it drops to just a light breeze so it won't be all bad I suppose. I'm only having a short spin session today so I guess I can put up with it for a couple of hours..
I walked close on a 600 metres downstream to where I would start my stint in the river and it seemed okay at the start of the session. I waded out to the middle of a fast water section of the river and started casting the little Mepps gold black fury from one bank and working a 180 deg arc to the other. The wind was doing it's thing too, strong gusts and then easing off to a light breeze then gusting back up again. This section of river was fairly wide and shallow and had a few still pockets along each side of it, and that's where I was casting the Black Fury. The with a slow retrieve and then just letting the flow do the work for me it wasn't long before I had my first (380gm) brown take the Mepps. I didn't bother to bring the net again today either as this area I'm fishing rarely holds any large browns. I did pick up another brown around the same size as the first fish taken in this fast water section.
The next run of river was a little deeper and much slower flowing and I didn't get a single hit or even a follow for the whole length of it which was close on eighty meters I reckon. I really did expect to catch a couple in that stretch of river too. Ahead of me was a very long stretch of fast water, and I just love fishing fast water. This fast water wasn't very wide and so I could work it from the one side and easily cast the little (1.5gm) Black Fury to the opposite bank and the slowly retrieve it back across the flow. It did have a few small deep areas on the opposite bank which I thought may be holding some trout. Those areas didn't give up a single fish at all. I did have a few problems lobbing the spinner into them on several occasions as the wind would gust up just after I had cast it. This carried the spinner further downstream (up to three meters) to where I had already fished with it. The wind gusts were now much stronger than when I arrived and started fishing.
The side of the river that I was casting from had a long section of fairly flat and very shallow (60mms) water along it and I decided to just work that water. Shallow water like this is most times over looked by the inexperienced trout fisher, as they think it's too shallow and there wouldn't be any trout in it. Well, this shallow stretch gave up six nice medium (ave.350gm) browns over some twenty meters of river. I was nearly back to the where I had parked the car and so I called an end (3.50pm) to the session. I had intended to fish on much further but I was happy with how the day had gone, plus I was sick and tired of the wind. Eight hook ups for eight browns landed, pretty good batting average for sure.
Adrian (meppstas)

Rodney Patterson

Location:Cedarville, Mi, Michigan
Product:Aglia Long
Fish Caught:Pike, Northern
Testimonial:I have used the Mepps #3 Aglia Long for 20 some years and it is the best lure I have ever used. In fact, it is the only lure that I have in my tackle box. The only problem is that you do not sell them anymore. However, you have a young lady that works in your sales office that took the time to find me some. I would like to thank Mary Golbach for all her effort in finding us some more of the best lure there is.

Adrian Webb

Location:Dasher River, Sheffield. Tasmania, Australia
Product:Black Fury Ultra Lites
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown

After a fair afternoon on the Dasher River yesterday I thought it would be worth while to try it once again this afternoon. I have another friendly land owner who lets me fish his property and so I made the decision to try there today. I will have close on two kilometres of river that I can fish and I'm hoping it will fish a little better than where I fished yesterday. The wind was much stronger and gusty today and this was good as it will put a ripple on the surface which is better than being flat calm. Once in the river it wasn't all that bad as the wind was going over the top of the trees and so most sections were reasonably calm. It wasn't long before I had my first brown on and soon had it on the river bank. I didn't have my landing net with me today as most fish here are rarely no bigger than 400 gms. So it looked like the little Mepps #00 gold black fury is going to be the spinner to stay with again today, well at least while they're having a go at it any way. The first five hundred meters of river gave up seven browns from seven hookups which I was pretty happy with. There are several stretches of river over the distance that I am fishing today that are just too shallow to fish when the river is low like is is at the moment. So I will be bypassing around half a kilometre of river all up.
I was now working upstream right into the face of the wind and hell it was making casting difficult. I was having to cast some meter or so to the far right of the river to allow for the spinner to drop into the zone that I wanted to work. This can be a real pain too, because sometimes just as one makes the cast, the wind will drop and then the spinner goes right into a bush on the river bank. But I stuck to it and did pick up another four browns over some three hundred meters from five hookups plus I had several hit and misses along the way. So far so good as that's eleven browns being caught and released from twelve hook ups which was good. Already passed yesterday's total catch of nine.
The next and last five hundred meters of the Dasher that I was going to fish turned at right angles to the wind and also had some cover along the windward side, so this was going to be much better for casting. This stretch of river also had some nice runs of fast water that are around 200mms deep and is a great area to fish as I have always picked up some nice solid browns here on previous trips.
Well, it didn't let me down again today either as over this stretch of river I had had ten hookups and caught and released six browns as well as having many hits and misses. The best brown went 520gms and the average weight was around 480 gms which is well above the average size for trout in this little river. It was now 6.20pm and the sun was now very low, besides I still had a fair walk back to the car so that's when I called it a day as much as I hated too. I would liked to have fished on further but once the sun gets low this time of the year it's not long before darkness sets in. I headed back to the ''Trout Stalker 2'' and I got back to it just on dark, so it was a good decision to leave when I did. Nothing worse than walking through bush and paddocks in darkness.
The good thing about today was the fact that every trout was over the legal size in the Dasher River something that I have never had in all my years of fishing it. So with the onslaught it had from the Cormorants and the very low summer river levels it may have done some good by evening out the population of this little river. There may be fewer fish in it now but the size and quality of them is much better which is great. So this was the best day that I have had on the Dasher River all season, 22 hookups for 17 browns caught and released made for a great session that's for sure and the Mepps #00 ultra lite did a great job once again.
Adrian (meppstas)

Adrian Webb

Location:Mersey River, Merseylea. Tasmania, Australia
Product:Black Fury Ultra Lites
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown

With dull and heavy overcast conditions today I headed on over to Merseylea around 2.45pm for a couple hours of spinning the Mersey River in the hope of catching a few browns. The river was still running at a medium height and was a light tannin colour. The wind was variable and coming mainly from the North East which wasn't from my favourite direction either. The air here was fairly cool too which was a bit of a surprise as it wasn't too bad when I left Sheffield.
Started off with the same Mepps #00 gold Black Fury that I've been using over the last five or so trips now and I'm sticking with it as it's what the trout have had a liking for. The first small section of fast water that I flicked into gave up a small (240 gm) brown that was soon released back into the river.
The next couple of stretches all I managed was two hits for only the one hook up in which I lost any way. The section ahead of me was a mix of fast and medium flowing water and this one hundred meter run gave up five very nice well conditioned browns with the best one going just on 600 gms. I was pretty happy picking up the five browns with out losing any of them which was great. But that was where it ended, as over the last fifty meter stretch I had another three hook ups and lost every one of them. It was now getting close to 6.00pm and time to head back before it got too dark and so that was my day done. One thing that I did notice today was that there were no trout rising or jumping today. Did spot a few Cormorants flying over from further up the river which wasn't good.
I had forgotten that I was now back fishing at normal time than I had been fishing when daylight saving was on, other wise I would have left home at 1.45pm, and I could have fish just a little longer and a little further up the river. Just a matter of putting the brain into gear isn't it!!

Adrian Webb

Location:Dasher River, Sheffield. Tasmania, Australia
Product:Black Fury Ultra Lites
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown
Testimonial: '' DASHER RIVER GIVES UP A FEW BROWNS.'' 2-4-14

After the weather finally cleared here in Sheffield today I headed on over to the Dasher River (at 3.15pm) some ten minutes from home at Claude Road. After a one kilometre walk through the paddocks I reached my starting point where I would fish my way back upstream to the main road bridge. I was a little surprised to how low the river level was especially after last weeks 57mms of rain here. It was also a very dark tannin colour too, but still looked good enough for a spin. The sky was now clear and there was just a medium South Westerly breeze blowing which was enough to keep those little pesky flies away that hang around the cow paddocks.
On the third cast I was onto my first brown and it took the Mepps #00 gold Black Fury hard and fast. This was a nice well condition little brown that went 350gms which is a fairly good size for this little river.
Then in the next small section of fast water that I fished I had another one take the spinner one the very first cast. Now this is how I like it and I'm hoping this run will continue for the rest of the session. I wasn't really expecting much as this little river had struggled through the summer due to the lack of rain in the area for quite some time. So it was good to see that the browns had made it through those very dry conditions. So I had now picked up two fish in very quick time and the next cast I had another one on, but then lost it just as quick.
Onto the next small run of fast water and the same thing happened once more, fish on and this one stayed one as well. Another cast upstream into the same small run and I was on again. These were only little browns of around 270gms, but they're still fun on light tackle and always fight to the end.
I had now caught and released four browns in the first 60 metres of river and this is how the Dasher used to fish most of the time. Then over the next four hundred meters it was very dead and all I managed was two hits for the one (290gm) brown. I did have a several follows, but the fish had all of a sudden turned off. I did try several different coloured blades to no effect and went back to the Mepps #00 Black Fury gold blade that I started with and that was the one that worked again.
I came across another nice little run of water that had a good cover along the opposite river bank and I picked up another two browns in quick succession which was great. I'm now thinking they're back in an aggressive mood again. I had now fished close on three quarters of a kilometre and picked up seven browns which wasn't as good as I'd hoped for that's for sure, especially how the session had started. I was looking to have caught at least fifteen by now, but it wasn't to be. Over the next couple of hundred metres to the bridge I did catch another two (260gm) browns making it nine for the two and a half hour session. It was good to get back and have a spin in this little river. It's a river that I always enjoy fishing even on a bad day it will give up a few browns like it did today. I sat under the bridge for around ten minutes watching several small browns leaping out of the river occasionally picking off the black spinners that were hovering above the river. This made a good ending to an enjoyable afternoon on the Dasher River.
Adrian (meppstas)


Location:Golf Course Pond, Columbia , South Carolina
Product:Basser Kit - Dressed Lure Assortment
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth
Testimonial:When I was fishing this afternoon. I had tried all of my regular lures and had only one small catch. I decided to try some of my new lures(these) and within five casts I had a nice bass on. I caught five bass total with these lures alone in two hours. Great lures

Mark Jones

Location:Helton Creek, North Carolina
Product:Thunder Bug
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown
Testimonial:These lures make up 90% of my spinning collection. These are fantastic lures that consistently provide quality/quantity. Routinely produce takes of fish 17"+ which are consider trophy size trout in this part of the country. Mixing weather conditions and times of year with these lures will produce results that typically out fish everyone else on the creek. The only bug I've not produced with is the firefly. I would love to see a damsel fly version of this with blue wings white body hint hint lol. If you never purchased one of the bugs do yourself a favor and add one to your next order.

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