Richard Ponton

Location:Roanoke River Salem Va , Virginia
Product:Aglia & Dressed Aglia
Fish Caught:Trout, Brook
Testimonial:Caught on a #3 Silver Mepps 3, weeks after stocking. 2 pounds 9oz

Seth Farley

Location:Surry, Virginia
Product:Aglia & Dressed Aglia
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Bowfin - Crappie (Black) - Pickerel
Testimonial:I use the Mepps #3 or #4 gold spoon and white skirt. Man in the Tran will tell you its the best darn thing since Larry the cable guy. This lure will catch anything and everything. I out fish everybody. They be using all sorts of fancy doodads and whatnots but my simple Mepps always catch me more bigger better fish every time. I usually fish that Blackwater River its got alot of different type of fish and my one lure will catch them all. Before I found the Mepps, I couldn't get no more than an occasional bite. Now when I go fishing, I catch tons of fish. Thank you Mepps you made my fishing better.

Asher P.

Location:Private Pond, Virginia
Product:Aglia & Dressed Aglia
Fish Caught:Catfish, Channel - Catfish, Flathead
Testimonial:I was using a dressed Aglia in the pond, and, "boom" this catfish came out of nowhere. I was using 6 lb test and he ran into the sticks and I got scared. I finally did get him in and he weighed 5 lbs.

Joshua Tabora

Location:Public Pond, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Product:Comet Mino
Fish Caught:Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim)
Testimonial:One of the best spinners on the market. When other spinners failed to produce anything, I tried tying a Comet Mino onto my line. On the 5th cast, I was pleasantly suprised when I caught a 2 lb largemouth on this lure. This spinner outfished a comparable Panther Martin 10 to 1. No one else caught anything except me because they were throwing other brands. I pulled a three lb fish out of a spot my uncle had fished for twenty minutes on my second cast. I didn't tell them what I was fishing so the lure would stay productive. Caught my biggest fish ever on it too (5lbs). Hope the secret doesn't get out!


Location:Rose River Shenandoah National Park , Virginia
Product:Thunder Bug
Fish Caught:Trout, Brook
Testimonial:Today I used the ultra-light Thunderbug Grasshopper and Stonefly on native brook trout in the Shenandoah National Park. What a great pair of lures!!!! Absolutely the best summer native brook trout lure that I have found. July is a very tough time to catch native brookies in the Park, and these lures produced strike after strike.

William S. Gray

Location:Bull Pasture River, Deerfield,Va., Virginia
Product:Trouter Kit - Plain and Dressed Lure Assortment
Fish Caught:Trout, Rainbow
Testimonial:I was invited to go fishing at a private hunt club about 20 miles outside of Deerfield,VA. All I kept hearing was how I was going to need to buy a minnow bucket and pick up a mess of them along the way. I didn't really have the means of carrying them. My truck was broke down and I was actually driving my 1969 Chevelle station wagon. Not the ideal fishing vehicle, but, if I wanted to go, it was all I had at the time.
A couple days before we left I decided I was going strictly artificial baits. I was laughed at.....at first. I stopped one afternoon at Bass Pro Shops and spent some time going through what I thought would be some good trout lures. Some I had used before and some new. I saw a section with the Mepps Trouter Kits and I picked out what I thought was the best one and went on my way. That was the best decision I made the whole trip. I say that because the decision to take the Chevelle was "not" a good one at all. Just on the outskirts of Deerfield the motor locked up in the old Chevy and I had to transfer everything into a friend's truck and head out...again.
Once we got there and got settled in for the night I was reminded about how well the minnows worked up here, so I picked out what looked as good as any minnow in the water and waited t'll morning to test my theory. On my very first cast I had a 16" rainbow, second cast a 14" third cast another 16" that went on for about 20 minutes. I had caught my limit.
I was catching 3 fish to everyone elses one. I was stunned, everywhere I went up and down that river it was the same until the middle of the 2nd day something big enough to swim upstream at about 100 mph snapped my line and swam off with the "magic lure". That one lure was tied and retied on three different rod and reel combos for a day and a half and never once stopped spinning correctly or gave any trouble. It was a mepps X-D dressed S-S with a white buck tail skirt. Though, that trip cost me over $4000, that $4 lure made it all worth it. I'd lock up two engines to fish like that again."Thanks Mepps" William S. Gray Newport News,VA.

Shane Frame

Location:Narrows, Virginia
Product:Aglia & Dressed Aglia
Testimonial:The Aglia plain treble is all I've ever used for serious trout fishing. My buddies and I always have trout catching "tournaments". I always win. The silver and gold work best in a size #2, although I just started using copper blades, they work just as well.

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