Ultra Lite Kit - #00 and #0 Lure Assortment

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Ultra Lite Kit - #00 and #0 Lure Assortment

Mepps Ultra Lite Kit - Plain, Mino and Dressed Assortment - #00 Aglia Wooly Worm gold blade-black/orange tail, #0 XD silver body-silver blade, #00 Aglia Long silver blade-grizzley tail, #00 Thunder Bug may fly-gold blade, #00 Comet Mino silver blade-shad and #00 Black Fury yellow dot blade-yellow tail.
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Ultra Lite Kit - #00 and #0 Lure Assortment Details

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Ultra Lite trout and panfish anglers will really appreciate the durability of these little spinners. Included is everything from an #00 Ultra Lite Wooly Worm to a #00 Aglia Long Mino. Any one of these lures is perfect for pulling panfish from the weeds or coaxing trout out of hiding. It's a great gift for any Ultra Lite enthusiast. These tiny lures will catch brookies, browns, rainbow trout and grayling. Perfect for hiking or backpacking. Fish them with Ultra Lite spinning gear or with a fly rod.

All Mepps spinners feature solid brass bodies and blades. Silver blades are silver plated. copper blades are solid copper. The gold XD blade in this kit is gold plated brass. Beads are hand-turned on a lathe to resist chipping and cracking. Dressed lures feature natural hackle. Mino is hand airbrushed to ensure realism. Mepps quality throughout.

NOTE: Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described.


Reviewer:Adrian Webb (Meander, Mersey, Dasher, Minnow Rivers. Tasmania., Australia)
Fish Caught:Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow
'' THE 2012 2013 TROUT SEASON REPORT 30-4-13
** Mersey River in all I had 42 trips for a catch of 124 browns and 50 rainbows. All fish were in excellent condition. Quite a lot of small fish were in the catch.
**Meander River in all there were 19 trips for a catch of 166 browns and only 2 rainbows.
The fish taken here were mainly small, the best brown taken being a 1.3 kg brown. That was released as were the majority of the fish caught. Fish were all well conditioned.
**Leven River only had three trips here for a total catch of only 6 browns. Must have been here at the wrong time as this river was a real let down this season, and it wasn't much better last season either.
**Dasher River in four trips a very low catch of only 13 browns were caught and released. Kept my trips down here because of very low water levels and the lack of fish in the river.
**Minnow River another disappointing four trips and a total of 3 browns caught and released. Low water and lack of fish here also kept me to only the three trips to this struggling river.
** Western Ck two trips here produced 5 well conditioned browns. The two trips here early in the season did produce quality fish while the water level was at a medium height.
** Cockatoo Dam just happened to be passing buy it and decided to flick a Mepps Black Fury in it an was lucky enough to catch and release a nice solid brown from this very small piece of water.
'' Only around 8 % of fish caught were kept for a feed.''
** 98% of the fish were caught on Mepps Black Fury, Bug, Aglia & Comet metal blade spinners **
** In 75 trips to the above rivers I caught a total of 318 Brown Trout and 52 Rainbow Trout for the season. Thanks to Mepps for the great products that you produce and that's why you are the Manufacture of the '' Worlds #1 lure.
Adrian Webb

Reviewer:Joshua Best (Lake Columbia, Portage, Wisconsin)
Fish Caught:Bluegill (Bream, Brim)
Nothing like buying the kit and first cast catching a fish. In fact used 3 different lures in the kit and caught fish on all three tried. In 3 hours went fish for fish against 2 people using worms and bobbers and majority of my fish caught were bigger. Cant wait to keep using this kit and get more kits for various species of fish.

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