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Mepps Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to these frequently asked questions will help you navigate the Mepps web site or general questions about Sheldons'. If you are looking for an answer to a fishing question please visit our Ask Shep page.

What is the privacy policy for your e-mail newsletter, "The Fishing Line"?

We have a simple e-mail privacy policy. We will never sell, trade or share your e-mail address with anybody for any reason. Instructions for unsubscribing come with every e-mail.

How do I get a printed copy of Mepps® and Mister Twister® catalogs?

If you live in the United States and are interested in a particular Mepps® or Mister Twister® product you can download the current catalog page featuring that product. Go here and follow the prompts. To request FREE copies of our latest Mepps® and Mister Twister® full-color catalogs go here and fill in the blanks. You can also call our catalog hot line: 1-800-637-7700. Please be patient. We will ship your catalogs as soon as possible. However, catalogs are shipped bulk mail and it can take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

I hear Mepps® buys squirrel tails. Is that right?

Yes we do. In fact, we just might buy more squirrel tails than anyone else in the world. However, we do not condone the hunting of squirrels strictly for their tails. Squirrel skins are used for caps, fur coats, glove linings and many other items. However, the tail is usually thrown away. This is a waste of a resource. If you hunt squirrels, we’re asking you not to waste this resource. You can either sell them to us or double their value by trading them for Mepps® lures. Go here for all the details. Please note: Squirrel tails cannot be sold in CA, ID & OR.

Oh No! You've discontinued my favorite lure. Is it possible you have one in your warehouse?

If the lure you are looking for is not on our web site or in our current catalog, the chances are we also do not have one in our warehouse. We can only stock so many lures, so we clear our warehouses of most discontinued lures to make room for those that are new to our product lines. May we suggest "haunting" your local tackle stores. This would probably be your best chance of locating one. Or, check what we currently have available. Chances are we have a "new and improved" model that just could become your "new" favorite lure. Good luck!

Has the Mepps® XD replaced the Mepps® Elix?

Yes! The Mepps® Elix was a great lure and it caught a lot of fish, but, as good as the Elix was, the Mepps® XD is far superior. If you liked the MeppsĀ® Elix you will really like the Mepps® XD. The XD was designed from the ground up to fish fast water and deep pools. It drops deep and stays there throughout the retrieve. If you fish fast water streams for trout you owe it to yourself to fish the Mepps® XD. You can check it out here.

What happened to the Mepps® Lusox?

While the Mepps® Lusox was a great lure and it caught a lot of fish, it never really caught on with the fishermen. So, several years ago it was discontinued. Your best bet to try to find one would be to haunt all the tackle stores you can. You may be lucky enough to run across one.

The hooks on my lures are rusting. Why?

Most hooks have a brown finish which has traditionally been called bronze, but it isn't really bronze. Bronze is a mix of copper and tin, which is soft and would make a terrible hook. Yet, it probably wouldn't rust. The best hooks are made from carbon steel. Stainless steel isn't as strong and does not hold a point like carbon steel. However carbon steel rusts easily. To discourage rust, all carbon steel hooks have a protective coating. With use, this coating can chip, crack or be damaged in other ways, allowing the water to reach the steel hook itself. Therefore make sure both your lure and your tackle box compartment are dry before putting your lure away.

I've just invented a new fishing lure. Do you buy inventions?

We appreciate your desire to include us in your new lure ideas, but all Mepps® and Mister Twister® products are designed and tested by our own staff of professional lure designers. Lure design is both subtle and demanding. Strict attention must be paid to every detail so, in the end, every lure we manufacture will not only attract fish, but make them strike.

Can I get a free sample of one of your lures?

We're sorry, but we cannot give out samples of our products.

Can I use the artwork or information from your web site?

You probably can, but all of the images appearing on this site, including depictions of various lure shapes, photographs and lure descriptions are trademarks or property of either Mepps® or Mister Twister®, and may not be used without permission from Sheldons', Inc. To receive permission for the use of any images appearing on either or please e-mail

I am a tournament angler and I am looking for sponsors. Do you have a sponsorship program?

The Mepps® and Mister Twister® Field Staff is chosen on the basis of their expertise in fishing Mepps® and Mister Twister® products. We do not sponsor full time professional or local tournament anglers.

How do I become a Mepps® and/or Mister Twister® field tester?

All of our lure "testing" is done by our in-house design and field staff.

I want to place an online order, but is your web site really secure?

The security of your online purchase information is very important to us. Many measures are taken to ensure that purchasing Mepps® and Mister Twister® lures online is as safe and secure as possible. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protection on our order form. SSL encrypts (scrambles) your ordering information so that it can’t be read by a third party during transmission. However, the most important aspect to security is doing business with a reputable company. When you do business with us you are doing business with two of the most trusted names in the fishing tackle industry. Mepps® and Mister Twister® are owned by Sheldons', Inc. Founded in Antigo, Wisconsin in 1956, Sheldons', Inc. has grown to become one of the largest fishing lure manufacturers in the world. Trusted world-wide, we remain a family-owned business maintaining the high ethical standards that have placed us at the top of our industry. Our reputation has been built on providing the absolute best products and services, while developing solid relationships with our customers. If you are still skeptical, you may call the Mepps® order hot line anytime: 1-800-637-7700. Mister Twister® ordering hours are Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm. Call: 1-800-344-6331.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my on-line order?

You do not have to pay sales tax on your on-line order unless you live in Wisconsin and are ordering Mepps® products, or Louisiana and you are ordering Mister Twister® products. In these two states we must add the cost of sales tax.

How long will it take for my on-line order to get to me?

We do our best to process all of our on-line orders the day we receive them, so you should receive your order in no more than 7 - 10 business days.
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