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Mepps Master Angler Program

Mepps Master Angler Patches

Enter your Mepps catch today using the award application (below). Remember, you must include a photo of your catch to qualify for an award. Fish catch photos must be entered within one year of the date it was caught. You do not have to order to enter your fish.

Note: Read our article for tips on Photographing your Catch.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your photo to us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If for any reason you are not comfortable with any of the terms, please do not enter your fish.

Angler Awards

It's Challenging and fun

  1. Go fishing with a Mepps lure and catch a fish that meets the minimum size requirements listed below.
  2. Print and fill out the Angler Award application also found below. You do not have to make a purchase to enter your catch. We will send you a handsome embroidered Trophy Fish Award patch for your favorite jacket or vest, along with a chevron identifying the species of fish you caught. You may enter as many different species of fish as you want, or continue entering the same species, however each entry must be larger than any previous entry of the same species. Trophy Fish Award patches are sent to you for your first entry only. After that you will receive an embroidered chevron for each fish.
  3. After you've caught four DIFFERENT qualifying species of fish - - a grand slam - - you'll become a Mepps Master Angler, one of the highest honors in our sport.
  4. After you've caught 10 DIFFERENT qualifying species of fish, you'll be awarded a Mepps Expert Fisherman patch, identifying you as one of the best fishermen in the country. There are fewer than 300 Mepps Expert Anglers world-wide.
  5. To get started, send a photo of your next qualifying Mepps catch, along with your completed application(found below).

Minimum Qualifying Weights

20 lb. – Barracuda
3 lb. – Bass, Largemouth
3 lb. – Bass, Peacock
1 lb. – Bass, Rock
3 lb. – Bass, Sea
2 lb. – Bass, Smallmouth
10 lb. – Bass, Striped
2 lb. – Bass, White
6 lb. – Bluefish
1 lb. – Bluegill (Bream, Brim)
3 lb. – Bonefish
5 lb. – Bowfin
10 lb. – Carp
25 lb. – Catfish, Blue
1 lb. – Catfish, Bullhead (brown, yellow & black)
10 lb. – Catfish, Channel
15 lb. – Catfish, Flathead
1 lb. – Crappie (Black)
1 lb. – Crappie (White)
1 lb. – Grayling
10 lb. – Jack Crevalle
3 lb. – Mackerel
10 lb. – Musky
1 lb. – Perch, White
1 lb. – Perch, Yellow
2 lb. – Pickerel
5 lb. – Pike, Northern
7 lb. – Redfish
10 lb. – Salmon, Atlantic
15 lb. – Salmon, Chinook (king)
10 lb. – Salmon, Chum
8 lb. – Salmon, Coho (silver)
2 lb. – Salmon, Kokanee
5 lb. – Salmon, Pink
5 lb. – Salmon, Quananiche (landlocked)
8 lb. – Salmon, Sockeye (red)
5 lb. – Snakehead
7 lb. – Snook
4 lb. – Steelhead
1 lb. – Sunfish (shellcracker)
1 lb. – Trout, Brook
2 lb. – Trout, Brown
2 lb. – Trout, Cutthroat
8 lb. – Trout, Dolly Varden
8 lb. – Trout, Lake
2 lb. – Trout, Palomino
2 lb. – Trout, Rainbow
4 lb. – Trout, Sea/Speckled
3 lb. – Walleye

Master Angler Application

If you have a digital picture of your fish available you may submit your Master Angler Application online. If you have a printed photograph of your fish, use the form below to mail in your application.

Submit your Master Angler Application online.

Alternatively you may print and mail your Mepps Angler Award Application on paper. Send it along with your picture to:

Attn: Shep Shepherd
626 Center St.
Antigo, WI 54409-2496

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