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Mepps Musky Marabou

All about this great NEW high profile Mepps® musky lure

id-24-1Come on musky fishermen. We know you're hearing a lot about the new Mepps Musky Marabou. Our phones are ringing off the hook. Our Dealers can't keep them on their shelves. Sure we spent three years field testing them. Yes, Lake of the Woods Guide Bill Sandy (right) said in Musky Hunter magazine, "The Mepps Marabou... consistently  outfished any other bait."Yes, he also said, "...last year my clients and I caught over 130 fish up to 53 inches long on the this new bait." But is that any reason for you to pester us so unmercifully? Okay, maybe it is. So, here's the scoop on the NEW Mepps® Musky Marabou... what they are, where to buy them and how to fish them.

id-24-2Every Musky Marabou features a top quality, heavy duty Colorado blade and a rugged easy-spin clevis. Solid brass components mean the Musky Marabou is perfectly balanced and extremely durable. Other features include a heavy-duty split ring for easy marabou tail change. The split ring also eliminates the leverage a big fish can exert on straight-wire musky lures. All tails are hand-tied with the highest grade of marabou feathers for outstanding durability and lifelike movement. Mepps® time-tested tandem hook assembly incorporates heavy duty extra sharp treble hooks. The Musky Marabou, with its easy-spin low-drag blade, can easily be cast all day long. In addition, its drag-resistant high flow marabou tail gives the Mepps® Musky Marabou more lift and lifelike movement. Retrieve it at a medium to high speed, bulged just under the surface, or burned over the top of weeds. It is available is 10 tested and proven colors:

  • silver blade - black marabou
  • silver blade - white marabou
  • silver blade - black &white marabou
  • silver blade - chartreuse marabou
  • gold blade - black marabou
  • gold blade - yellow marabou
  • gold blade - brown and yellow marabou
  • hot orange blade - black marabou
  • hot chartreuse blade - black &chartreuse marabou
  • hot firetiger blade - firetiger (chartreuse &yellow) marabou

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