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Musky Caught by Dustin with Mepps Aglia & Dressed Aglia in Wisconsin

Photo of Musky Caught by Dustin with Mepps Aglia & Dressed Aglia in Wisconsin
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Fish Information

Fish: Musky

Size: 44 Inches 23 Pounds

Lure Information

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Size: Mepps #3

Color: Gold

Angler Information

Angler: Dustin Schaal

From: Alamogordo

Country: United States

My Story

I had a #3 gold Mepps on a pole with 8lb test; it was about 5:30am I was fishing with my dad (Gary). I was just casting for about 10 to 15 minutes hoping to catch a northern or a bass when all of a sudden I saw this monster fish take my lure. Right before he took it, I said to my dad "Musky!" I dont think that my dad believed it until he heard the drag going crazy. Then all the sudden it jumped out of the water, went around the front of the boat and jumped again. It got tangled in some other lines and dove into the weeds, but my dad finally netted it after 2 tries. We thought for sure the line would snap, or get bit off after all it was 8lb test with no leader. The fish was 44in 23lbs and it was my very first musky. Then 8 hrs later my little brother decided to wake up and fish with a #5 gold Musky Killer and he landed his first musky also with my dad in the same spot as me. Only his was 40in and 17lbs.

Catch Information

Caught at: Gresham Chain

State: Wisconsin

Country: United States

Caught On: Wednesday July 16, 2008

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