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Trout Caught by Cooper with Mepps Aglia & Dressed Aglia in Indiana

Photo of Trout Caught by Cooper with Mepps Aglia & Dressed Aglia in Indiana
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Fish Information

Fish: Trout, Rainbow

Size: 29 inches & 11.72lbs

Lure Information

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Size: #0

Color: Plain Copper

Angler Information

Angler: Cooper Schwartz

From: Goshen

Country: United States

My Story

It was Cooper's first trout fishing experience and this was the first trout that he had ever caught. We saw the fish tucked up near the bank and Cooper was determined to catch it. He was able to catch it and after a few minutes the fish broke his line on a submerged limb. Cooper was feeling down and rightfully so but as luck would have it the fish came back to the same location and Cooper was not giving up until he had his fish. I tied another Mepps lure on because the original was still in the fishes mouth and before long he had it hooked again. My good friend jumped into the river and wadded chest deep to land the fish on a sand bar across from us because the bank we were on was too steep to land it. Coop had amassed a crowd of 10-15 salty fisherman who were cheering him on. After walking the fish around the block and over the bridge to hand Coop his prize, the crowd requested a photo op with the young angler and he had his own photo shoot. When I picked my nephew up to take him fishing I told him that if he caught something large, I would have it mounted and we promptly dropped the fish off at the taxidermist. Thank you Mepps for making such an outstanding lure that a fish will strike it twice.

Catch Information

Caught at: Little Elkhart River

State: Indiana

Country: United States

Caught On: Saturday April 30, 2022

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