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2007 - March Testimonials

Ron Bell – Winchester, Illinois

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

A must-have, keep several on hand. This spinner catches small bluegill [hard to believe the hooks fit their mouth],channel cat, bass, crappie, striped bass, bowfin,great lure, very affordable. I have used in lakes, rivers, and ponds if it's biting this will get them. The sipping blade attracts the red tube nails them, I always have the red tube on the hook. If I could only have one lure this would be it. THANKS DAD FOR LETTING ME USE YOURS, I'VE HAD ONE EVER SINCE, MISS YOU, YOUR GRANDKIDS LOVE IT ALSO.

Bart Erickson – Michigan, Michigan

Lure: Little Wolf

Man I really like the action of this spoon. Even cranking it V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W it keeps on wobbling. Someone did their homework when they designed this spoon. You might know it's a Mepps.

M.D. Prout – Douglassville, Pennsylvania

Lure: Bantam Syclops

I want to thank Mepps for creating one of the best trout lures ever produced. I have always been a rooster tail spinner fisherman, until a few years ago. Now I don't even purchase traditional spinners. I use the Bantam Syclops for all of my lure fishing for trout. I have caught Trout, Crappie, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass on this amazing lure. It all got started several years ago when my brother and I were Shad fishing in the Upper Deleware River in Pennsylvania. My brother put on a traditional Mepps Syclops and caught some Shad. I guess they couldn't resist the wabble and glimmer of the lure. Later that year I purchased some of the Bantam Scyclops in 1/8 oz size and have been "hooked" ever since. Most of the time when I'm fishing I don't advertise about what lure I'm using. This is my best kept secret locally and afar. Thats not particularly good for Mepps sales along the stream, but it keeps me catching the agressive trout when others are not doing much. I will add that I make some modifications to the lure when I'm using it. I swap out the single hook for a size 12 or 10 GOLD treble hook. This works best for me. I don't add any dressing to the hook, I don't need to. The wobble and glimmer of the lure work well, as is. In my opinion, the Mepps Bantam Syclops is the best Trout lure there is. I will not tell you exactly how to fish it, but I will reveal my favorite color, it's the shimmery Green Platium with black bars, (not Chartruese). I will add that all of the colors do work well. So if you ever find yourself in the Wharton Store in Potter County, Pennsylvania be sure to look for my picture on the "Wall of Fame" I'll be the guy with the Big Slammer Brownie, and an even bigger smile :-)

Shane Frame – Narrows, Virginia

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

The Aglia plain treble is all I've ever used for serious trout fishing. My buddies and I always have trout catching "tournaments". I always win. The silver and gold work best in a size #2, although I just started using copper blades, they work just as well.

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