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Turkey Testimonials

Kilinc Coskun – Karaoz River In Antalya Turkey

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

I use Aglia #3 for Trout Rainbow in Karaoz Stream of Antalya.I use gold/red dot or silver/red dot. Number 3 is better for throwing farther and catching bigger Rainbow. Also,sometimes very small rainbow can be caught with a #3 and release again.
If you're fishing in large stream, then use bigger number of Aglia for throwing farther.
If the stream is fastly flowing,then you can send the fishing line with your finger slowly after throwing with your fishing rod. When fishing the Aglia near a tree shadow, rock, or near brush, then pull and push your rod up and down a few times and later turn your reel slowly.
When you're on or near a stream,throw Aglia against the flow (for example right or left side),wait a few seconds and turn your reel slowly. If there is a rainbow this area,it will bite your Aglia in very short time.

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