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Pro's Choice Testimonials

Gary L Gore – Rainy Lake, Ontario , Canada

Lure: Pro's Choice for Northern Pike

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

All I can say about this lure is, the 2 orange ones I got now have teeth marks all over em. I have never seen a lure that Northern hit, with such violence!! In the 25 years of fishing, my dad has never caught Canadian fish "one after another" Thats because his son, me, shared my Mepps lures with him. lol Thanks to Mepps, our Canada trip this year is one for the books.

Desoto, MO

Simon Ohayon – river Canada

Lure: Pro's Choice for Northern Pike

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

The Mepps size 5 gold Aglia is an amazing Northern Pike lure! I don't think any lure could ever compete with the Mepps Aglia for Northern Pike. The pike are crazy about it! Try one out! You'll be glad you did!

james wood – mechanicville, New York

Lure: Pro's Choice for Trout

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

In the early trout season in the northern regions, the trout love gold blade/black body(dress is optional as well as single or treble hook). As we move into late May and early June, this works as well but, match the hatch as well as water and light. I have found that a silver blade and a black body improves hits. In high sun, gold or copper blade draws them in hard and fast. I have also caught my quota in most places faster than most fly fisherman. I have also realized these trout have a feeding cycle. They only hit in the streams in the dawn to 1:00 p.m., depending on the weather. As the season progresses, the full darker colors are the hot ones, but switch up back to shinny blade/dark body. The trout have been feeding and are slow to act, but if you flash them the hit and I mean hit hard. Good luck to you all. Mepps spinners and streams go hand in hand.

Ron Dimond – New Enterprise, Pennsylvania

Lure: Pro's Choice for Northern Pike

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Pike, Northern

The #5 dressed Aglia, red/white with white dressing/red quill feather is a good lure for pike and smallies in Ontario in June. Fish the rock reefs for the bronze backs and of course the weed beds for the toothy critters.

Arthur Kreis – Wolcott, Vermont

Lure: Pro's Choice for Bass

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

My fishing buddy and I were fishing in a boat on Woodbury lake, VT when he showed me his Pro Series Bass set. I tied on the Timber Doodle from the set. After 3-4 cast I noticed a nice fish following the Timber Doodle in. I cast again and wham he bit! I started to reel and after I finally finished reeling and found a 16" inch, 2 lb. Largemouth

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