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Aglia Streamer

Aglia Streamer

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The Mepps Aglia Streamer combines the vibration and flash of the classic Mepps Aglia blade with the subtle and lifelike swimming action of a hand-tied streamer. It makes the ideal presentation for the stream, river or lake angler fishing for trout, salmon or grayling; or the fisherman matching the forage for bass, panfish or walleye. Aglia Streamers will match any fishing situation.

All Aglia Streamers feature a single long shank hook and are available with or without a treble hook stinger.

Six reasons you should be fishing the Aglia Streamer...

  1. Subtle swimming action of a streamer.
  2. Classic Mepps Aglia original French blade.
  3. Single hook with flexible treble stinger hook for maximum hooking percentage.
  4. Lifelike long fiber Micro Flash body for a natural minnow/baitfish presentation.
  5. Single hook models meet single hook laws.


Ryan Kronbach – Lake Elysian, Janesville, Minnesota

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

7.86 lbs

Matt Mahar –

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

During a day of fishing with this lure that I had got up in the Kiddery Trading Post in Maine, I fished a small pond at Wikeda Campground in New Hampshire. At least 5 minutes in, I had a largemouth and pickerel nailing it with a few Frogs, thanks Mepps. (size 3 silver with treble hook.)

Andy – Lakes, Ponds, Streams..., Massachusetts

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow - Pickerel - Trout, Brown

Bought them in Maine never having tried them before. Typically fish for Bass with soft baits and other spinners. With other guys in the boat catching nothing, these still find fish. Completely sold on them for all types of fishing in New England. Stronger hooks would be better though. Heavier set ups would be nice too for bigger fish. The treble hooks do make for a few more landings. I find the brown color works best for more species, but all have caught fish every time I tie one on the line. I would absolutely buy a wider variety of larger sizes and colors if they were available.

Austin Davis – East Coast, Vermont

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown

Hi Shep...
Hope you are having a fantastic day. My name is Austin Davis, I am a 27 year old, Chiropractor, who's been fishing since I was 5 and just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you (and Mepps) and to share a story. I am an avid fisherman, Recently I flew from Oakland, Ca. (my new home) to the East Coast (where I was born and raised) to visit friends and Family in CT, NY, RI and VT. Knowing that most of my friends and family live in pretty rural areas, I was excited to bring my fishing rod and do some exploring.
Upon landing I realized that I had not brought any lures, just the rod and reel. As soon as my buddy picked me up in NYC we drove to Eastern Vermont, where he lives (near Hartland, VT) and I made him stop in the first general store we saw. They had about 6 lures and an assortment of I grabbed a Mepps lure, because I had never used one and had heard a lot of good things. It was a single hook spinner, with a gold leaf and the the lure itself looked a bit like a large Marabou Fly ( but tied tighter, with 2 long, thin red feather accents off the top) in a dark green color.
I Really didn't know what to expect from the lure, because it looked like a fly and was a single hook spinner. Let me tell you...this one of the best lures I have ever used. I caught 7 different kinds of fish (no real trophies, but then again I was fishing tiny ponds and creeks the whole time, which was really a lot of fun) in 4 different states. The list is: Rainbow trout, Brook Trout, Perch, Pike, sunfish, chub, and Largemouth Bass. It was literally the only lure I used the entire trip and was able to not get it snagged and if I did it always came free eventually (Ithink that's bc of the single hook design). I have attached some pictures of the fish, I didn't get to photograph all of them.
As a consumer who has used countless different styles and types of lure, I'd really like to thank you for making a truly top quality product, on which I would def use again and again. This trip has converted me to a Mepps Fanatic will definitely be recommending your product to Family, Friends and Patients.

Thanks again,
Austin Davis

Alef – Alpine Torrents, Turin Italy

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

Great lure for trout, they tend to bite for it easily due to a combination of movement and camouflage.

I agree about the hooks though, they are too soft, I've bent a few with 2-4 pound beasts.

Matt Furman – Fooks Pond, Maryland

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Pickerel

I have used almost every Mepps lure type available and must say that the Aglia Streamer will by far outfish most. I have caught sunfish, bass, and pickerel on the same trip while using the streamer and others around have been using Mepps and only caught a few fish. They are a bit pricey but I am willing to pay for the amount of fish they catch.

Johnny Zumwalt – Comanche , Oklahoma

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

Nearly all of the largemouth bass I have caught from 4-7 lbs. were caught with this spinner. It is easily my favorite. Thank you Mepps for making such a great lure!

Mark Bell – Western New York, New York

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Perch, Yellow - Sunfish (shellcracker)

I am writing to again back up the claim that so many fishermen make. Mepps make the worlds best lures!
Since the time I started fishing when I was 8, had no clue what I was doing and bought my first Mepps spinner mostly because it looked pretty in the package and then caught fish the first time I used it, up to this point almost 20 years later, Mepps has proved to me that they have a lure which will catch any fish I am chasing and you don't have to be a expert to use them.
I enjoy taking my younger brother and sister(ages 9 and 12) fishing and like to brag about their catches. One time when I brought them to a small pond which I knew would provide alot of action fishing for bluegills, I tied on a small Black Fury to my sister's line and on her first cast she landed a large bluegill and continued catching fish the whole time we were there. I gave my brother a #3 Aglia after he kept telling me that he wanted to catch "a bigger fish than that" and I figured there might be some bass around, on his first or second cast he hooked and brought in a 4 1/2 pound largemouth. After that I started casting a #3 Aglia Streamer and soon caught another bass, this one weighing about 6 pounds, both of these fish were very large if compared to the size of the pond. It just goes to show that anyone can catch anything on a Mepps.

Bas Van Nuland – The Canal, Helmond , Netherlands Netherlands

Fish Caught: Walleye

Dear People of Mepps,
We of would like to tell you that the Mepps Aglia Streamer is our favorite lure. If you look on our site you will see it in almost every fishing story. Also it is our most recommended lure to all the fans. Too bad it is only for sale in so little stores in the Netherlands.
We have great success with it catching Refin Perch, Pike, Walleye, Orfand ASP. It always is our first choice in new waters and if we don't catch anything with this lure, nothing will. We somtimes feel sorry for our salmon lures which we also love because they look so nice, that the streamer outfishes them. While fishing with other lures we sometimes use an Aglia Streamer to see if the fish are still biting. Keep up the good work and we would love to write a dedicated review on our site about the Streamer if you could perhaps send us a few different sorts of colors for us to try out. Size 3 works best for us.
We hope to hear from you!

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