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Aglia Ultra Lites

Aglia Ultra Lites

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These little spinners are ideal for ultra lite spinning tackle or your favorite fly rod. Silver & gold Aglias are perfect for taking panfish or trout. Use silver on bright days. Polished brass (gold) blades produce best when it's overcast. Try copper in streams after a heavy rain, or in dark, stained water. Work a single hook Aglia wooly worm through the weeds for great fishing action. All Mepps Ultra Lites are either dressed with natural hackle or a classic wooly worm. Work weed beds, submerged timber, rip-rap, undercut banks... any cover. Mepps quality throughout.



MW – SE PA To Montana, Pennsylvania

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Cutthroat - Trout, Rainbow

The Mepps 00 has caught me more trout than I can remember. As a kid I would catch trout with the 00 in creeks in SE Pennsylvania that no one even knew had trout. I then took my fishing to Montana where I caught trout with the 00 so big I didn’t even know trout got that big in small streams. I got hooked on fly fishing and let all my 00s collect dust and disappear. I recently bought some more after reminiscing about the fun I had with them, and the skill it takes to REALLY fish them. Fished right the 00 is, in my mind, the best trout lure out there. I look forward to getting back to my roots and catching a lot of quality trout with an ultra light outfit and my new 00s. When I was a kid you didn’t call them spinners, you called them a Mepps. Thanks to Mepps for keeping these great lures around!

Gabe Resto – Bell Creek, Wicomico River In Salisbury, Maryland

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim)

I tied on my ultra lite for the last couple casts to see if anything would bite a lure instead of nightcrawler, and two casts later my personal best bass waked out of the brush and slammed it. The perfect lure!

Hunter – Pond In Windsor , South Carolina

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

The first cast I threw out I caught a monster bass, so I use it every time I bass fish now.

Adrian Webb – Mersey River, Kimberley, Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow


With the weather forecast not looking all that flash today I wasn't going fishing at all, then by 2.00pm this afternoon it wasn't really too bad. So I darted off to Kimberley for a bit of a session in the Mersey River. The river had dropped by a few inches since my trip here last week and it was running clear. I headed to an area downstream from where I was going to start the afternoon stint and on the very first cast I was into a fish. It was a nice solid rainbow that hit the little gold Mepps #00 Aglia hard and fast. Well after a few leaps and runs it was soon in the net, photographed and released. Great start to the session and it was my first Mersey River rainbow for the season too which was good. This fish was in excellent condition and went 340gms and was a beautiful coloured fish as well.
The next run of water I hooked and lost a small brown and had a couple of follows from a few smaller fish that were only half interested in the spinner. I changed to a F-3 Rapala rainbow pattern and used that in the next two long stretches of river, but I could only manage another couple of follows from medium sized browns. So it was on with a Mepps #00 copper Black Fury, this colour has been the most favoured by the trout over most of my trips this season. Well two casts into the next stretch of water and I had another rainbow on and this one was a little smaller than the last 'bow. I soon had it in and quickly released.
There were now a few rain drops falling and it wasn't long before it became a little heavier and I thought it was time to head on back to the car. Then it stopped with a few minutes and so I continued on. Well I should have headed back to the ''Trout Stalker 2'' as all I could mange over the next five hundred minutes was five hookups (all browns) and lost every one of them. Every fish was lost on the second or third jump from the river, still that's trout fishing. It was near 5.00pm when I decided to finish up and head back to the car. In all it wasn't too bad today really as there were signs of a few more fish making an appearance which is good. The one thing that hasn't changed in the Mersey River here is the river bottom. It is still a slippery as ever and it does still knock the body around that's for sure. My Korkers studded felt soled wading boots are just great in these conditions, as they do make a hell of a difference than the old rubber soled waders. With poor weather forecast for the next few days I will be thinking about what river I may hit on the next trip.
Adrian (meppstas)

Adrian Webb – Mersey River, Merseylea. Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow


After spending a few days on the East Coast and having a spin session in the Upper Scamander River
without even spotting a fish over a kilometer of working the river, it was back to Sheffield a day earlier than originally planned. The wife and I left Scamander around 8.30 am and headed for home and once home the car unpacked, then it was a bit of a rest, some lunch and off to the Mersey River.
When I left Sheffield it was quite overcast but once I reached Merseylea it was clear skies and a gusty Northerly breeze. The river was still low and clear and so I knew it was going to be like the last trip here and that was a tough session, but still landed a few on that trip. So I was feeling confident that even with today's tougher conditions I was still in with a chance of getting a few. Using the same little #00 Mepps Black Aglia I picked up a small brown on the third cast in a fast water section, so this was a great start to the afternoon stint on the river. This fish was no bigger than the small ones from last week and that was the only disappointment to the start, but a fish is a fish what ever size it may be. Next cast I had another hook up and this too was another small brown that tossed the lure as quick as it hit it. Given that there are a lot of small fish around stands good for the future of the Mersey River, as it shows that there has been some good spawning seasons in previous years. Fished on for another 60 meters without siting a fish, but I knew there was still some good water ahead of me.
Came up to the fast water section that runs under the willows on one side of the river, and this was the area that held a few fish last trip here. It was on the second cast in and under a overhanging willow that a nice sized brown hit the spinner hard and then made a run for it. With many snags in this area that was where he headed but I manged to turn him away from them before this solid brown decided to head off with the flow. Downstream we both went, over a long shallow set of riffles and into the next pool where he decided to make a few leaps for freedom. He didn't succeed though as I could see the treble was securely set into his jaw and I new then it was only a matter of time that he would soon be in the landing net. And he was! This brown was no monster size fish, but it did give it's all to escape and fought like every river fish does. After a quick weigh of the fish (while still in the net) and a couple of photos he was soon released for another day. He went 725 gms in total after deducting the weight of the net and so this was a nice size brown and he was sitting in around 4 inches of fast water.
Fished another couple of fast waters and managed to pick up three more browns and another small rainbow from seven hits. The best brown went 340gms and the rest were just tiddlers. I did have two browns that had a dip at the spinner in the willow fast water further upstream, but I ran out of water before they could actually hit the spinner. Some of these willow covered sections hold several large fish, but it is near impossible to flick the spinner in far enough to get them to smash it. The two trout that did have a close look at the spinner were around the 1.5 kg to 2 kg mark and I think I would have had one hell of a battle on my hands had any one of these fish taken the # 00 Aglia and the 4 lb line would surely have been put to the test, and so would have I.
So give me a North West river any day and next time I go East it will be with the salt water gear.

River: Mersey Browns: 4 ( 725gms all released ) Rainbows: 1 (released )
Cheers Adrian

Adrian Webb – Mersey River, Merseylea. Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

Shot off to Merseylea late this afternoon for a spin in mainly overcast conditions and light winds, hoping to finally get a few fish and break my dry spell. Arrived around 5.00 pm and found the river to be low and very clear and it was clear of the green cotton like algae that I experienced at Weegena a while back. The river bottom was still covered in a brown slime and there was a lot of water weeds in
it, but this wasn't going to effect me today at all. Why you may ask?? Well I finally got my act together and purchased a pair of breathable waders (Reddington) and a pair of wading boots (Korkers) that came with interchangeable soles. One set of rubber and a set of felt soles. What a difference this set up made from the old reinforced Horne's heavy waist waders, it was just so much easier wading and walking.
Anyway back to the fishing! Started off below the bridge on Native Plains Rd and started working my way upstream using a Black Aglia Mouche spinner and after several casts I could only manage one light hit and miss. Fished on for another 50 or 60 mtrs and did not sight a fish at all, not even a follow. Looks like it's going to be one of those days again I thought to myself, and so it was time for a change of spinner. So it was on with a Gold Black Fury this time and after working the river from one side to the other for the next 100 mtrs the result was still the same. Not a follow or a nudge from a fish at all.
Well to cut a long story short, I tried March Brown and Stonefly Bug spinners, Copper and Black blade Black Fury spinners and all I could manage was one hit and miss in 200 mtrs of river. Decided to go back to the #00 Black Aglia Mouche once again as the sky was now completely covered in heavy cloud. Came across a small section of fast water that was flowing under some overhanging willows, so I thought I would start to flick the spinner into it without (hopefully) not snagging up in the willows.
It was a matter of casting both forehand and backhand into this tight piece of water and the first cast was spot on. No sooner had the spinner hit the water it was fish on! At last I have finally hooked into a nice solid brown, not a big fish but a nice fish that went 340 gms that was quickly unhooked and released for another day.
The next three casts into this small fast water I managed 3 more hits but just couldn't hook them. Still it was great to finally have a few fish having a crack at the spinner for a change. Thought it was time to give the trebles a bit of a sharpen with my small sharpening stone and it was then I noticed a hook missing from the treble. On with a replacement Aglia Mouche and then another cast back into the same area I had another fish on once again. This one was a very small brown of around 180 gms. I had now come to the end of this small fast water section in the willows, but did see another run on the opposite side of the river. Headed to that area and picked up another two small browns and one really small rainbow trout, these three fish would not have weighed any more than 100gms each if that. It was now getting very dark so I decided to have a couple more casts before heading back to the ''Trout Stalker 2'' and I was lucky enough to catch and release one more well conditioned brown that went 410 gms. So what started out to be a slow session turned around to be a bit of fun in the end.

Adrian Webb – Meander River, Montana. Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown


Fished on of the toughest stretches of the Meander River this afternoon from 2.45pm to 6.15pm in mainly overcast conditions and low, clear water. This stretch of river that I fished is around 1.5 kms in length and always gives up a few fish, but it's tough going and you earn every fish that one catches. It full of every size rock and boulder that can trip you up at any time if your minds not on the job. The thing is to take time and make sure you have good footing under you before taking the next step forward. It varies from water depth below the knees to waist deep in many sections in fast and slow sections of it and one slip and could be a few bruises or a wet backside. This stretch of river has many fast water areas along it which I love to fish especially at this time of year and it does give up some nice medium browns that usually average around 360 gms.
I started off with the ever reliable Mepps Aglia Mouche (black) that I have had set up on the rod for the last few trips since retiring the other Aglia and once again it produced the goods. When fishing this area I flick the little spinner into every bit of river as you'll be surprised were the trout lay in fast water. Many people would bypass some of the water that I flick a spinner into and that's one of the reasons why they don't have a good catch rate. I have and did today catch 13 browns from 17 hook ups in a three and a half hour session in this river as well as many hit and misses. When I had caught eleven browns I thought I would get to a dozen and then call it a day, and then when I caught number twelve I decided to go for thirteen. Well trying to get number thirteen took me another 45 minutes in the end. After several hit and misses I finally had one hooked, and boy was I glad when this fish stayed on the spinner. I was a much worse for wear after going for that last fish that's for sure. In all it was still a great time on the water today and there will be many more ( hopefully )before the season ends that's for sure. The best fish went 480 gms today with the smallest being 270 gms, all fish were released for another day.
River:Meander Browns: 13 (all released)
Cheers Adrian. Webb

Adrian Webb – Meander River, Meander. Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown


Cloud cover this afternoon made for me to head off to the Meander River for a session of spinning the fast water once more. Arrived around 3.15 pm and once again as soon as I put my waders on,bingo! Out came the sun again. Not deterred I still hit the river full of confidence and it wasn't too long before I had my first fish on the line and it was a small solid brown of some 240 gms. The river seemed a little lower today than last week when I was here, but the good thing was that the river bottom was still clear of slime & algae. Still hard going scrambling over the rocky bottom though. With the water being crystal clear the fish weren't to be seen in the open areas that had the sun on them at at all. Had a few more hook ups from small browns which I lost as quick as they hit the Mepps Black Aglia spinner before I finally picked one up that tipped the scales at 650 gms. This fish was a nice solid river fish too and it had to get the donger I'm sorry to say as it had swallowed the spinner and damaged it's gills. Fished on for another hour and a half for a catch and release of 4 more browns that were all around 270 gms, plus losing another 5 as well. Called it a day here and decided to go and try the section of river above Barrett's Bridge on my way home. Started from just below the bridge actually and the river here was very low and had quite a lot of green cotton like algea in it plus the river bottom was a little slippery too. Most times that I've fished here the water is normally around knee deep, not today as it was below the knees for most of the 600 mtrs that if fished. Picked up a nice solid little brown (280 gms) in a small piece of fast water just below the bridge and then another right under the bridge. This was a real small brown and would have only been around 140 gms if that.
Caught another brown ( 260 gms ) some 100 mtrs above the bridge and then did not sight a fish from that point on. Finished up calling it a day at 7.00 pm and headed for home. Not the worst day that I have had that's for sure as I did at least pick up a few, and had several hook ups as well in the time I was on the water. Hopefully the Hydro do not let the water level get any lower than it is at the moment as I reckon it will have a big impact on the fishing if they do.
Cheers Adrian

Adrian Webb – Meander River, Meander. Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Lake


Finally a day with hardly a breath of wind and also a little cloud cover instead of the bright clear skies, gale force winds and heat. Today I headed off to the Meander River some 50 kms from Sheffield and was on the river for my first cast for 2013 at 7.30 am. The river was low and clear with a good steady flow and plenty of fast water sections plus a bonus, the rocky bottom did not have one bit of slime on it. This makes it much easier for wading even though it's still tough going due to the boulder strewn river. There was not a sign of any insect life or even a fish on the rise which usually works in my favor being a spin fisher. Still had the little 1.5 gm Mepps # 00 Aglia Mouche black blade spinner on the rod as it's the lure that's kept on picking up the odd fish over the past few trips. First section of fast water I fished didn't give a yelp but the next section I did catch two small browns and lost two others as well which was a good start. Then the sun broke through and things went a little quiet as it was beaming straight onto the river and I didn't get a thing over the next 500 mtrs. Not even a follow or a nudge on the spinner until I reached a more shaded section of the river. Here I did pick up two more browns (320gms ea) and hooked and lost three others, so it was looking good once again. Then the cloud thickened up and that's when it all started for the better. Ahead of me was around 1.5 kms of fast water and boy it really gave up some fish over the next 4 hours of spinning. Over this distance and time I had one hell of a session of spin fishing and still with the same little Aglia too. Working every bit of fast water and letting the flow do most of the work by carrying the lure with it while I slowly retrieved it I finished up with 31 hook ups and landed 19 browns during that time.
So after 5-1/2 hours of spinning the Meander River I managed a total of 36 hook ups and landed 23 browns which turned out to be a big day for my first spin session for 2013. The majority of the fish where in the 380gm to 420gm range and really fought hard in the fast water holding as close to the bottom as possible and darting downstream and weaving between the rocky outcrops of the river. The little Mepps Aglia is pretty well knocked around now but still good for a few more trips yet (maybe?)
Cheers Adrian

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