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Bass Pocket Pac - #3 XD Dressed

Bass Pocket Pac - #3 XD Dressed

Mepps XD Bass Pocket Pac - Size 3 Dressed Treble Hook (XD3T) - silver body-silver blade-white tail, gold body-hot firetiger blade-green tail, gold body-gold blade-yellow tail.

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The Mepps XD (Xtra Deep) Bass Pocket Pac features three hackle dressed #3 (1/4 oz.) XD's. These lures are perfect kit for pulling smallmouth bass from deep holes in fast-water streams. During the summer, in both large and small lakes, big largemouth bass hang out in deep cold-water holes. The Mepps XD will reach them. In fact, the XD was designed to be ten times better than any spinner in its class. To accomplish this, all XD's feature solid brass bodies and blades. Silver blades are silver plated. Gold blades are gold plated. Painted blades have rugged vinyl finishes to resist chipping and fading. The XD's unique body construction includes a fluorescent bead which gives the fisherman a major advantage. Fish not only see the spinner from the front, but from the side and rear as well.

Ten Times Better...

  1. Mepps quality throughout.
  2. Optimized body and blade combination for easy spinning and deep running.
  3. Machined brass bodies; absolutely no lead components.
  4. Genuine silver and gold plated blades and bodies.
  5. Chip resistant blade decoration.
  6. Platium plated, chip resistant bodies.
  7. Durable stainless steel shaft.
  8. Precision, solid brass, fulcrum bead.
  9. Unbreakable, fluorescent, fish attracting bead.
  10. Strong, premium hooks.

NOTE: Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described.


Don Nelson – Coffee County Lake, Kansas

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Bass, Striped - Bass, White - Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Perch, White - Walleye

I have been trolling spinners and crankbaits for 30 years. I have tried every spinner on the market. For 2 years I fished the pro bass circuit in the 70s. I fish at least 2 days a week. When you are tolling there is absoleutly nothing that will catch as many fish as the Mepps XD spinners. You need to use a ball bearing swivel and 10lb braid line or 8lb monofilament line. Saturday my son and I went fishing and caught one 5lb Walleye, 3 crappie over 12" and 19 white bass on these Mepps XD spinners. We also caught 12 hybrids that were an average of 2 lbs. And, we threw back 6 crappies over 11" long. The Mepps XD is the most reliable bait you can use while casting or trolling.

billy – kport, Maine

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Pike, Northern

I bought a Pocket Pack of Mepps XD's and headed for the river. I was out-fishing my friend in no time. I had caught 1 northern pike, 3 smallmouth bass, and a large unexpected salmon all in under an hour. I just went out the other day and bought another Pocket Pack because they work so good.

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Icon of Bass Pocket Pac - #3 XD Dressed

Bass Pocket Pac - #3 XD Dressed

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