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Black FuryMX Mino

Black FuryMX Mino

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The Black Fury® MX Mino offers a larger sized 4" Mino paired with a #5 Black Fury® blade making it a great lure to throw when targeting trophy-sized bass, pike, musky or other larger sized fish.

The Black Fury® Mino combines our popular Black Fury® blade with a painted bump body and a shad mino that includes painted accents to match the blade color. It is available in blade sizes #0 - #5 making it perfect for all species, whether you are casting or trolling. The lure runs at mid-depth in the water and has an erratic swimming action which gives the Black Fury® Mino the appearance of an injured bait fish, which predator fish see as an easy next meal.

These lures excel in low light conditions, making them second-to-none in early morning, evening or overcast skies. It's also a perfect choice for those sunny days when contrast with the brightness of the water, weeds and structure is needed.


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Black Fury MX Mino

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