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Thunder Bug

Thunder Bug

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Here is a fishing lure so revolutionary it allows spinner fishermen to "match the hatch." From its fluttering, veined, lifelike wing to its expertly finished segmented body, the Mepps Thunder Bug looks like a bug, acts like a bug, and, to panfish and trout, is every bit as tasty as a bug.

Computer age finishes to resist chipping and peeling. Your choice of dressed or plain ultra sharp, strong treble or single hook. Mepps unsurpassed quality. Mepps Thunder Bugs... bugs, so natural, we've even given them bug names.

Thunder Bugs, the lures, not the bug, are available in size #00 through #2 making them perfect for both panfish and all sizes of stream trout. The size #2 Thunder Bug is also great for smallmouth bass and walleye.

Whether you choose to use plain or dressed Thunder Bugs is strictly a personal preference. Lure size, however, is important. The rule of thumb is use smaller lures to catch smaller fish and larger lures to catch larger fish.



The image you see behind the lure is a picture of the actual sound waves created by that particular lure.

To hear how your Mepps spinner sounds as it’s being pulled through the water click on the lure’s soundwave image.

Thunder Bug #2

Waveforms of the sounds produced by the Thunder Bug #2

When Mepps developed the Thunder Bug it was introduced as the first and only spinner that allowed fishermen to "Match the Hatch." Not only is its blade shaped like a bug's wing, it is veined like the wing of a bug. Its body is segmented like the body of a bug. These lures also come in color patterns imitating insects. In fact, they look so much like insects we've given them bug names, everything from grasshopper to white miller to stone fly. . . nine different patterns, too, will match the hatch. However, what we didn't know until now is a spinning Thunder Bug blade SOUNDS like a bug. That's right, a Thunder Bug pulled through the water produces a sound very similar to small rapidly flapping wings. We also discovered, if we increased the speed of this file about 3 times and raised its pitch, the sound became a buzz. While this is hardly a scientific study with any definite conclusions, listening to this enhanced file can be fun.


Skipp Washington – Village Oaks Lake, Novi, Michigan

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (White)

The Thunder Bug is extremely versatile and durable. I've caught Largemouth, Crappie, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed all on the same lure (Bumble Bee), all in the same lake, all on the same day! It casts a country mile, an advantage fishing from shore, and comes in great Match-the-Hatch colors. The weight allows count-down capabilities which puts you at the right depth for Strikes. Hydrodynamic and sonically sound. These lures do not spook fish. I only wish they made these in sizes 4 and 5 with fluorescent colors, perfect for big Bass, Walleye and Salmon. Hint, hint!!

Bob Hayett – Lake Lenexa, Kansas

Fish Caught: Bluegill (Bream, Brim)

The Cricket Thunderbug is one of the very best bluegill lures I've ever used. This is not surprising, since crickets are known as a great bluegill bait. I've caught maybe hundreds of bluegills on the Thunderbug in many lakes in Northeast Kansas. Lake Lenexa is a small flood control lake with very clear water for a Kansas lake. The darker color of the cricket Thunderbug is perfect for clearer water.

Campbell B Catchpole – Little Waipa Stream, Arapuni, Waikato New Zealand

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown

I have caught and landed many awesome trout using Mepps lures. A very memorable 6lb brown trout that I caught, landed & released using a white Mepps Thunder Bug. This has thankfully given me memories that will never get away. I use all of the colours of the Thunder Bug range though out the year & here in New Zealand we are lucky that most of our streams, rivers & lakes allow us to use these lures. For me being new to the sport of fishing, the Mepps Thunder Bugs allow me to match the hatch like a pro & still command the respect from even the most staunch fly fisherman because of the way my fish go back into the water after they were caught on a Mepps...... LOVE MY FISHING.....LOVE MY MEPPS.

Clint Reinhart – Little Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

Second cast at the spot along the creek. Trout went right for it. Biggest trout in the hole. This lure is one of a kind.

Dustin DesRoches – Patterson Lake, Oak Burn Manitoba Canada , Manitoba , Canada

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

This lure is a trout master!! I have caught 8 monsters in the last year just with this awesome lure!

Dilly Vue – Taku Lake, Alaska

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

This was my first spinner I ever got....
When cast it is very light, but, no matter
you can still get 'em from short distances.

When I use salmon eggs or any live bait
nothing seems to hit, even worms.

I caught 5 smallmouth trout and 5 bigmouth trout
Everyone in facebook thinks I'm snagging, but this Thunder Bug gets me everywhere....I use size 0. :)

James Mengel – Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Pennsylvania

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Trout, Rainbow

This lure works perfectly in shallow streams and rivers where the current is fast and the water is clear. The fish can't resist going for this lure, it never fails. When the scent baits aren't working just pull out The Thunder Bug and watch the magic happen. This lure is a must for any species of trout; the #00 works the best in all silver.

Mark Jones – Helton Creek, North Carolina

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown

These lures make up 90% of my spinning collection. These are fantastic lures that consistently provide quality/quantity. Routinely produce takes of fish 17"+ which are consider trophy size trout in this part of the country. Mixing weather conditions and times of year with these lures will produce results that typically out fish everyone else on the creek. The only bug I've not produced with is the firefly. I would love to see a damsel fly version of this with blue wings white body hint hint lol. If you never purchased one of the bugs do yourself a favor and add one to your next order.

Adrian Webb – Mersey River, Kimberley. Tasmania Australia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow


At last, woke up to the sound of much needed rain and very humid conditions, some thing that I have been waiting for quite some time. After a nice bacon,eggs, mushrooms and grilled tomato breakfast that the local bakery put on for me this morning for my Birthday, then it was off to the Mersey River at Kimberley for a spin fishing session.
When I arrived it was a matter of waiting for around ten minutes while a thunder storm passed over and the rain eased off to a light drizzle. By the time I had put my waders on and set off the drizzle was gone and then the humidity really increased as the sun decided to poke it head through the clouds. This wasn't what I wanted at all, as it was supposed to stay overcast. After a 100 mtr walk to the river the clouds had covered the sun and it was back to perfect conditions for fishing once again. Started of with a Mepps # 00March Brown Bug spinner that had worked well on the Meander River last week, and I couldn't see why it would not work here either. After covering the first section of river all I could manage was a couple of follows from some small browns. This was the same over the next couple of hundred meters only difference was that I couldn't even get a follow, so it was going to be a tough day from my reckoning. Is it going to be one of those days I thought to myself, I hope not!
There was not a breathe of wind here and the long slow stretches of river were like glass with only a few rippled circles on them from small fish jumping from time to time. Seeing fish jumping is not what I wanted as when they're doing that they normally won't take a spinner. Hell it was hot on the water, and the perspiration from my forehead was causing the polaroids to mist up making it like I was fishing in thick fog. This was not how the plan was supposed to be going at all!! Decided to bypass the slower sections of river and just hit the fast water sections of the Mersey. Trouble was this area I came to didn't have that many fast water sections to it, so I only was limited to a few sections of river. Well that will just have to do as I wasn't walking back to the ''Trout Stalker 2'' and then driving some 10 kms to another area to fish as I was already hot and a little ticked off. So I'll just have to stay here and put up with it and get on with the job in hand and that's ''catch some fish.'' I'd be happy just having a hit and miss for now.
On my way to a small fast run I decided to change my spinner, and it was too be a # 00 Black Stonefly Bug this time and it worked a treat too. This small run wasn't very wide so I could work it from the river bank in which I did. Casting across the river and into a small calm piece of water on the opposite bank that had some cover from tea trees I picked up a nice fat little brown that tipped the scales at 275 gms. A quick photo and then it was released, and boy it was good to finally get a hook up when it was looking like being a day of zero's.
The next fast water was one that I have always picked up a couple of rainbows or at least a brown so I was pretty confident of adding to my tally there. After covering every part of this water all I could manage was two hit and misses, not what I was expecting at all. So it was on to the next section of fast water and this proved to be much better as I did pick up a nice plump rainbow (310 gms released) and hooked and lost three browns. So this run did prove worth while, and not before time too. The next run of fast water was around 600 � 700 mtrs further upstream and I was too hot and bothered to go all the way up there to give it a spin, so decided to make my way back to the ''Trout Stalker 2'' some 1.5 kms away. Halfway back the sun broke through and it was a wise decision in the end as well, probably the smartest one that I had made all day. The Mersey River is still very slippery and this really makes it tough going most times, and it does take it's toll on the body after a few hours in it. Or is it just me ??

River: Mersey.. Browns: 1 (275 gm released) Rainbows: 1 (310 gms released)

** Both fish caught and released were taken on a '' Mepps Thunder Bug Spinner '' **
Cheers Adrian

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