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Trout Pocket Pac - #0 Aglia Wooly Worm

Trout Pocket Pac - #0 Aglia Wooly Worm

Mepps Aglia Wooly Worm Trout Pocket Pac - Size 0 Wooly Worm Dressed Single Hook (B0W) - silver-white, gold-brown, copper-black/orange

Stock #: KB0W-T


Price: $19.85

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Single hook trout enthusiasts will find the Mepps Spin Fly kit truly adds to their fishing enjoyment. It features three #0, (1/12 oz.) classic Mepps Aglia spinners dressed with a hand-tied single-hook wooly worm. If you're a stream trout fisherman you'll find this kit indispensable. Fish these spinners with a light action spinning rod or with a fly rod, either way, their action is deadly.

All Mepps Spin Flies feature a stainless steel shaft to resist bending or breaking. Spin Fly blades are either silver plated, copper or polished brass. The body is a solid brass lathe-turned bead. Hand-tied wooly worm hackle stays flared under water.

NOTE: Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described.


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Icon of Trout Pocket Pac - #0 Aglia Wooly Worm

Trout Pocket Pac - #0 Aglia Wooly Worm

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