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Trout Pocket Pac - #1 Black Fury Plain

Trout Pocket Pac - #1 Black Fury Plain

Mepps Black Fury Trout Pocket Pac - Size 1 Plain Treble Hook (BF1) - yellow dot blade, fluorescent dot blade, chartreuse dot blade

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Price: $13.80

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The Mepps Black Fury Trout Pocket Pac helps take the guesswork out of selecting the right lure for trout. The dots on the blades of the Black Fury provide contrast under a wide variety of fishing conditions. A bright lathe-turned bead and gold plated treble hook add to this contrast making the Black Fury extremely effective under almost all water and weather conditions. Black Furies can be fished just as effectively day or night. A slightly elongated blade means the Black Fury runs just a little deeper than the classic Mepps Aglia. Like the Aglia, you can control the depth during the retrieve simple by raising or lowering your rod-tip. Perfect for stream or lake.

All Mepps Black Furies feature solid brass bodies and blades. The black finish on each Blade is permanently etched. Solid vinyl decals printed with UV inks resist fading.

NOTE: Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described.


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Icon of Trout Pocket Pac - #1 Black Fury Plain

Trout Pocket Pac - #1 Black Fury Plain

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