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Fishing Knots - our two favorites

Fishing Knots Improved Clinch & Palomar

The following illustrations will guide you through tying an improved clinch knot or a Palomar knot. While we recommend the improved clinch for attaching a Mepps spinner to your line, some fishermen find the Palomar knot much easier to tie. Either works well.

Improved Clinch Knot - Tying Steps


1. Pull 6 to 12 inches of line through the eye of the spinner. You will need this much line to tie the knot.



2. Hold the spinner securely in one hand (most people use the left) and wrap the end of the line four to six times around the standing section of line. Pass the end of the line through the small loop at the eye of the spinner. Then bring it back up through the large loop.



3. Moisten the knot with saliva and tighten it by pulling on the end of the line while holding on to the standing section. Trim.


Palomar Knot - Tying Steps


1. Double the end of you line and pass the loop through the eye if the spinner.



2. Bring the loop back around and tie an overhand knot around the standing line, leaving a loop large enough to pass the spinner through.



3. Pull the entire spinner up through the loop, then pull on the standing line to draw the knot tight. Your finished knot will not only be tight, but effective.



4. Finished Knot

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