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Alabama Testimonials

David Peck – Montgomery area, Alabama

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

In 1966 I was 13 years old. One day my cousin and I went fishing with some lures we had gotten from our grandfather's tacklebox .

One of those lures was a #2 gold blade mepps agila, the lure that I used. My cousin used something else. We went to an old farm pond on the land we lived on that belonged to a cotton farmer our parents used to work for. As my cousin and I were walking around the pond he spotted a 2 pound largemouth bass that came to the bank and hid in some weeds right at the edge of the bank. My cousin called me and showed where the bass had gone down. I was using an old 33 zebco with ten pound test line on it. I cast that #2 mepps out about 20 feet into pond and brought it right across that bass head and BA-BOOM he came up out of the water with the lure hung in the side of its mouth. I was so excited I did'nt even wind the reel, I just ran backwards and dragged it up on the bank. My very first bass!

Since then the mepps family of lures have been my favorite, and one day I will pass them on to my grandsons

David Peck, Jr.

Don Blakeley – Montevallo, Alabama

Lure: Musky Killer

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

Several years ago, I was fishing on the French River in Ontario. My dad and I both were using a Musky Killer right at nightfall. I had mine within 2 feet of the boat and a northern hit my bait so hard it splashed about a gallon of water on me. About half the fish came in the boat too (small cedar strip boat. It knocked me off my seat, slimed me and slid back into the blackness, of course the pike shook itself loose from my bait.

In all my life, I'll never forget that one good hit.(Hopefully). We caught other fish, but that one sticks out in my mind. And yes, I saw enough of the fish to know it wasn't a musky. That bad girl was huge!

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