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2008 - May Testimonials

Herman – Buffalo Lake , North Dakota

Lure: Comet Mino

Fish Caught: Walleye

Andrew – Lake In Crossplains, Texas, Texas

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (White) - Perch, White - Perch, Yellow - Sunfish (shellcracker)

The dressed Mepps Thunder Bug is an awesome lure! I was at my deer lease close to Crossplains, TX when I was catching panfish left and right! I also caught crappie and largemouth bass. When nothing is catching fish, the Mepps Thunder Bug does! If you buy this lure, it will be worth your money!!!

Jack Hedlund – Lake Mariah, Minnesota

Lure: Comet Mino

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I caught the biggest fish of my life on a Comet Mino from a dock in about 3 feet of water. When I got there they all told me to use a red and white Daredevil, I tied on a Comet Mino Super Mino that my dad gave me. Some of the guys kinda snickered when they saw me put that big lure on and cast it out. They all got excited when I pulled in that big pike though. Great lure, too bad the body got chewed up and none of the stores around here sell replacements.

Eric Klingeman – SandyBeach Lake, Canada, Ontario , Canada

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Perch, White - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Sunfish (shellcracker) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

This lure catches everything from small panfish all the way up to the big northern pike. Fish this lure everywhere you would a normal spinner.
I fished this lure and my dad fished a regular Mepps spinner and I caught 3 times as many fish as he did. This lure is the best for hatches af any sort of fly bugs, the best is the may fly hatch in Canada.

Erik Cruz – Lake Carasojo - Lakewood, NJ, New Jersey

Lure: Little Wolf

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Perch, Yellow - Pickerel - Trout, Rainbow

This is BY FAR my favorite Mepps product. I've caught multiple species of fish with my #2 FireTiger but most memorably my first Rainbow Trout ever ! If I could recommend any lure to friends and family this is the one. I just bought the entire # 2 kit to try out at the lakes/ponds in my area.

Steve Thornborrow – Saugeen River, Ontario , Canada

Lure: Little Wolf

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown

Once again this product pulled through for me. I caught a 13.5" brookie, then the sun came out. So it was slow for awhile then we went down river about 300 yards I pitched into the river I missed the seam then the second cast was bang on the mark. Then all of a sudden BANG!! On my Little Wolf spoon and I wrestled the brookie for awhile then I got him in. He weighed 2.7 ounces. Thank you Mepps for an AWESOME spoon keep' em coming!

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