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2011 - January Testimonials

Adrian Webb – Leven River, Gunns Plains. TASMANIA. Australia

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown

After a couple of good days of rain here in Northern Tasmania, I
went and fished the Leven River at Gunns Plains. The river had
risen considerably since I was here last time and oy was a real
coffee colour that was caused by the run off from the native
vegetation. I started the morning off using my favourite Gold
Black Fury spinner and caught 2 nice Brown Trout; and, had a couple of hit & misses as well. After an hour the cloud broke-up
and the sun beamed down, the trout became finiky so I changed to
the Mepps black Thunder Bug and had instant success with this
dressed treble spinner. I went on to catch another 9 well condi-
tioned Browns & hooked and lost 7 others. These Thunder Bug spinners also have had the same good results for me on many of
the other trout streams & rivers that I fish here in Tasmania.
So, to all of you spinfishers out there, make sure you have
a few Thunder Bugs with you when your out on those rivers & streams. Good luck and tight lines to you all.

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