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2015 - September Testimonials

Adrian Webb – Sheffield, Tasmania. Australia

Lure: Black Fury Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown

'' Dasher River Starting To Fire Up.'' 13-9-15

Given that we had a beautiful day here with above average temperatures today I headed on over to the Dasher River just five minutes down the road for a short spin session before the V8 Supercars came on the television. I was in the river by 10.00am after a brief 15 minute walk through the paddocks. I started the session using a small gold Aglia spinner and had the first fish take the lure on the third cast. Two casts later in the same section of river I had my second wild brown trout on the spinner, it was soon on the river bank and then released. This was a good start to the day and just how I like them to start. I moved onto the next section of river and managed two hit and misses and a follow from another brown.

With the sun full on the river for the next couple of hundred meters that I was going to fish I decided to change to a #00 (1.5gm) black bladed Black Fury so it wouldn't reflect too much light in the water. This worked a treat for the next hour as I finished up having eleven more hits for eight browns caught and released before calling it a day just after 11.45am. I had only covered some 400 meters of river for a total of 15 hits for 11 hook ups and 10 browns caught and released in what was a pretty good session, and a short one at that.

They weren't big fish and never are in this great little river, the best one going 410gms. The average weight overall was around 360gms and there's nothing wrong with that either. So tomorrow I'm heading back there to start fishing again from where I finished today, I'm hoping that they will be just as aggressive.

cheers Adrian (meppstas)

Adrian Webb – Sheffield, Tasmania. Australia

Lure: Black Fury Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown

'' My Best Days Trout Fishing This Season.'' 14-9-15

Another nice warm sunny day with a change forecast for later on tonight I was off to the Dasher River again to fish from where I finished yesterday when I finished the day with 10 browns.
I didn't start early, it was 9.45 am when I hit the river and within two casts I had my first brown on the little black bladed #00 Black Fury. A couple more flicks of the spinner into the same stretch of water only resulted in one more hit and miss. The next few runs didn't give up a single fish, yet it was really good looking trout water too. A few casts into a longer and deeper run and I was finally onto another brown which tossed the spinner after two leaps from the river. This was certainly a poorer start to the day than yesterday that's for sure.

The rest of the river I was going to fish was now in full sun and I'm hoping the blade blade will do the trick in these conditions like it did yesterday. I had several follows but they wouldn't take it so I changed to a copper #00 Black Fury. Well this worked because on the first cast I was onto a small brown, two cast later and another brown took the spinner. So the change of spinner seemed to have worked for now which was good to see.

As I worked my way upstream the trout shut down again and started to follow the spinner once again. The wind had picked up from the North as well which may have had an effect on them too. It was back to the black blade once again to see if this would get them back on the attack once more. It did as over the next 100 meters I hooked five browns and caught and released four of them. Long wide shallow water runs in full sun are ahead of me now for at least another 500 meters, I thought I would head back to the car and try another area that has quite a lot of cover along both sides of the river. I was pretty happy how I finished up here with seven browns caught and released.

By the time I had driven a couple of kilometers to the next area plus a 15 minute walk to the river the Northerly wind had really picked up, this was going to have an effect on fishing and casting the little black fury spinner.

Finally I was back in the Dasher River and commenced working my way upstream. The wind wasn't so bad once I was in the river because the it was protected by the trees and shrubs along it. The first section I didn't have see a fish but in the next small run I picked up a nice medium sized brown.

I moved onto the next stretch of water that was some 50 meters in length and around 300mms deep with a nice medium flow running down it. A run this long could be holding any where up to three or four browns at least, well it didn't today as it just gave up the one small brown which was disappointing. That's the thing with trout fishing, you come across runs and stretches of river that you reckon should be holding a few fish and the end result is just the one fish or at worst a big fat zero. On other trips here this stretch of water has given up three trout most times, but not today. Any way I was soon making my way back upstream working every bit of water that I thought would be holding trout. Most of them did too, by the time I had come to where I was ending my session I had caught and released another nine browns from eleven hook ups and several hit and misses.

It was 2.45pm when I finished up today in what turned out to be my best day's trout fishing this season. With 18 well conditioned browns caught and released for the day, it was a great day on the Dasher River with only four or five others being hooked and lost. This takes my season total to 54 since the 9th August when I had my first spin session on a river for the season.

Adrian (meppstas)

Dilly Vue – Taku Lake, Alaska

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

This was my first spinner I ever got....
When cast it is very light, but, no matter
you can still get 'em from short distances.

When I use salmon eggs or any live bait
nothing seems to hit, even worms.

I caught 5 smallmouth trout and 5 bigmouth trout
Everyone in facebook thinks I'm snagging, but this Thunder Bug gets me everywhere....I use size 0. :)

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