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Palomino Trout Testimonials

Adrian Webb – Meander River, Meander. Tasmania Australia

Lure: Black Fury Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Cutthroat - Trout, Dolly Varden - Trout, Lake - Trout, Palomino - Trout, Rainbow


Well after spending a few hours of scraping the old paint of the house in the midst of getting it ready for a face lift before it goes on the market I thought it was time to give the Meander another stint of fishing. The weather is still pretty poor with strong winds and rain showers on and off through out the day, but I was going any way. It was around 2.50pm when I arrived at Barrett's Bridge on the Meander river and the water was reasonably low here too. It still looked good enough to be holding a few fish though and I headed of down a small side road and then entered the river some 300 metres below the bridge. The river bottom here was covered in a thick film of black slimy algae that broke up in large clumps and floated of with the flow as I waded and fished my way upstream. I've never seen the river like this before and especially in this area as it is normally pretty clean on the river bottom here. Any way it wasn't effecting the fishing as it was floating off downstream. As you would have probably guessed for those of you who have read my previous reports. I have stayed with the little #00 Mepps copper Black Fury once more, just like that fly spray saying..'' When you're a good thing, then stick with it.'' It took a while before I did finally get a small brown to take the spinner but he soon threw it and was gone. Same thing happened again a few minutes later too and there was nothing wrong with this spinner as it was a new one that I had put on during the Mersey River session last Friday afternoon. As I worked my way up the river I had a few other small browns follow the spinner and just nudge it with the nose. Looked like it's going to be one of those days here again.. Finicky fish like the last few trips and I'm going to have to work hard for them again.
It wasn't until I had fished my way upstream close on 400 metres before I picked up a small (230gm) brown in a fast water section and then another small one within a couple more cast in the same bit of fast water. These two fish had several hits at the spinner before they finally took it too. Over the last 200 meters of this part of the Meander River that I fished I did pick up one more small (220gm) brown before deciding to head on up to the Chestnut Road Bridge and fish the 700-800 meters of river that my mate and I fished last week. After a five minute drive and a quick walk down through the Poppy filled paddocks I was back in the river. Good thing here was that the river bottom was so much better than the area that I had just fished. Hardly any algae at all which was great. Fishing the same stretch of river that gave up a good haul of rainbows last week was much different today as it was nearly fish less. I did have the one rainbow come up behind the spinner and give it a couple of light nudges before it hit it hard but missed the trebles. Then it darted off and that was the only fish that I came across in the section of river. I didn't mind really as it meant that they had now finally spread themselves out into the river system and that's what I preferred them to do. That way you can pick one up here and there instead of just fishing the one stretch of water and pulling them in. The next fast water run gave up three more browns with the best one going 540gms and this was a nice solid well conditioned brown too that gave me a good run for my money in the fast water.

'' Nice 620gm Meander River rainbow.''

The next run ahead was looking okay too and had some really good areas that should be holding a fish or two as well. It didn't let me down either as I picked up my first rainbow for the day in it and this fish was a good 600 gm fish that fought like hell in this fast water section. Took a little longer to get him to the net than I expected but I wasn't rushing this fish as I didn't want to lose it. Finally it was netted and then a quick photo and it was off on it's merry way once more, just a little worse for wear but still okay. I like to be as quick as possible with rainbows as they seem to stress much quicker than the browns do. Another cast into this run and it was fish on again, this time a brown and only a medium one that went around 350gms. So it was onto the next strip of fast water and this good looking water also produced another brown (320gms)and a rainbow (490gms) which now made my catch rate much better than it was earlier in the afternoon session. I was now close to the foot of the bridge and getting close to my exit point in the river but I just had to flick the spinner into a medium size eddy next to the bridge pylon. This was a good idea too as it gave up another rainbow that just smashed the spinner as soon as it hit the water. Boy! Did it give me a bit of curry too as it made a run straight downstream in the fast water flow and peeled several meters of the 4lb line from the spool before I finally had it under control. Now this rainbow wasn't a monster in size at all, but it did fight like one and especially with the help of the fast water in which it used to it's advantage for a while before tiring and finally coming to the net. Like I said it was no monster fish as only it went 620gms on the digital scales, and like the others was photographed and released. Well I thought this was a great end to the day and so I had just one more cast on the other side of the bridge and hooked into another of the small (280gm) Meander browns and then I called it a day at 6.35pm. So it was well worth taking another trip to the Meander today and well, maybe tomorrow afternoon it will be back to the Mersey River.... Only time will tell I guess and it's Friday 13th too!!!

River: Meander Browns: 9 Rainbows: 3 (all fish released)

John – Raritan River, Branchburg Nj, New Jersey

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow - Pickerel - Pike, Northern - Sunfish (shellcracker) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Palomino - Trout, Rainbow

I went fishing at a local river on Saturday and no one around me was catching fish but me! I was the only one using a Mepps lure, everyone else was using bait. I caught my limit in 45 min. while I only saw one other person catch a trout.

Puck – Pooneer Park Pond , Utah

Lure: Spin Flies

Fish Caught: Trout, Palomino - Trout, Rainbow

This lure is amazing. I like the gold and yellow in cloudy weather and the silver and white in Sunny weather. I caught so many trout on this that they just got beat up. With the quality of Mepps it takes a lot to beat up one of their lures it would be nice if they were in size 1 and smaller. Thanks Mepps best lures out there.

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