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Aglia Bait Series

Aglia Bait Series

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The Mepps® Aglia® Bait Series combines the proven fish-catching ability of the original Mepps® Aglia® with the specific colors and forage patterns of the prey favored by predatory fish.

Each of the uniquely airbrushed blade patterns and two-color tail combinations are hand-crafted to mimic a natural food source that is sure to stimulate the appetite of any gamefish.


Gabriele – South Copenhagen Denmark

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I bought Mepps Aglia XL (Size 7) Tiger and red/white version of it in the internet. I constantly catch pikes on the size between 80 cm and 100 cm and have lost bigger ones. Really a nice product and the pike aggressively attack this lure in a magnificent series of attacks. Unfortunate that this series is not on the website anymore plus available in the "Comet" version (silver+red spots) as it is a really effective lure.
With Mepps silver with red dots (Comet) #5 I catch regularly pikes of all sizes and there is no one day that I do not catch, even for a short passing by of 1 hour.

Ross A Bonaddio – Kennedy Park, Forest City, Pennsylvania

Fish Caught: Pickerel

#4 Frog Mepps Bait Series is killer, was enjoying the park with the nephews casting away and hit after hit kept coming. 4 Total caught that day biggest 18". I highly recommend!

Chuck – Sheboygan Falls- Sheboygan River, Wisconsin

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Pike, Northern

Fishing the Sheboygan River using a #3 dressed crawfish pattern produced a day to remember. Over 200 smallmouth bass to 21" and northern pike to 31". All of this done while wade/walking a large stretch of the river. This combination is my new go-to bait to start the day with. It has consistently produced on both sunny and overcast days. Yet another great color pattern from MEPPS.

Josh Shriver – Connelly Springs, North Carolina

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown

When I went fishing on the 19th of Jan. It was a perfect combination with a little rain and cooler around 48 degrees. The water temp was sitting about 43 degrees. I was using the crayfish single hook size 1. Had good bites and a lot of action from the trout. Landed one nice picture worthy Brown on the Jacob Fork River. Thanks to Mepps for making another great lure for trout.

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Aglia Bait Series

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