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Fishing for Striped Bass / Rockfish?

Try any of the following Mepps lures when fishing for Striped Bass / Rockfish.

Striped Bass / Rockfish Thumbnail

Aglia & Dressed Aglia Thumbnail
Aglia & Dressed Aglia
Aglia Bait Series Thumbnail
Aglia Bait Series
Aglia Flashabou Thumbnail
Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Long Thumbnail
Aglia Long
Aglia Marabou Thumbnail
Aglia Marabou
Aglia Tandem Thumbnail
Aglia Tandem
Aglia-e Thumbnail
Aglia-e Thumbnail
Black Fury Thumbnail
Black Fury
Black Fury Thumbnail
Black Fury
Black Fury Tandem Thumbnail
Black Fury Tandem
Comet Combo Thumbnail
Comet Combo
Comet Mino Thumbnail
Comet Mino
Comet MX Mino Thumbnail
Comet MX Mino
Comet TRU-V Thumbnail
Comet TRU-V
Comet TRU-V Thumbnail
Comet TRU-V
Double Blade Aglia Thumbnail
Double Blade Aglia
Double Blade Aglia Flashabou Thumbnail
Double Blade Aglia Flashabou
Double Blade Black Fury Thumbnail
Double Blade Black Fury
Giant Killer Thumbnail
Giant Killer
Giant Killer Thumbnail
Giant Killer
Giant Killer Mino Thumbnail
Giant Killer Mino
Giant Killer Plain Thumbnail
Giant Killer Plain
Little Wolf Thumbnail
Little Wolf
Magnum Aglia Thumbnail
Magnum Aglia
Magnum Musky Killer Thumbnail
Magnum Musky Killer
Mepps Marabou Thumbnail
Mepps Marabou
Musky Killer Thumbnail
Musky Killer
Musky Killer Bait Series Thumbnail
Musky Killer Bait Series
Syclops Thumbnail
Syclops Thumbnail
Trophy Series Thumbnail
Trophy Series

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