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Whether it’s weeds, rocks, laydowns or deadheads, the Timber Doodle® can "crawl"

Timber DoodleBig game fish hang out in heavy cover, and a slow retrieve is essential to get them to strike. Whether it's weeds, rocks, laydowns or deadheads, the Timber Doodle® can "crawl" slowly through the densest cover without hanging up.

A patented Mister Twister® Keeper® hook keeps the Timber Doodle weedless, but not fishless. Other so-called weedless lures depend on stiff wires or a bundle of bristles to keep weeds off the hook. The Timber Doodle's Keeper pivots as freely as two links on a chain.

Genuine gold or silver plating.

Black is black nickel plating, not a paint.

Hooks are made special by VMC France and precisely soldered to the Timber Doodle for strength and lance.

Timber Doodles come in three sizes and three blade colors.

Large Mouth BassUltra lite enthusiasts will really appreciate the tiny 1/8 ounce #00 Timber Doodle. It's perfect for panfish and trout. Jumbo, yellow-bellied perch will attack a vertically jigged #00 Timber Doodle with a vengeance. Try fishing it through the ice.

Bass and walleye anglers can now fish emergent weed beds with an ease never before possible by twitching a 1/4 ounce #0 Timber Doodle over, around, and through grass, hydrilla, even skunk weed. Not even milfoil can foul up a Timber Doodle.

Pike fishermen are quick to appreciate the 1/2 ounce #1 Timber Doodle's weedless action in and around lily pads and fallen timber. No other lure can slither through the pads like the Timber Doodle. Just be sure to carry plenty of extra Mister Twister® Split Double Tails with you as these toothy critters will quickly tear them to shreds.

Redfish. . .

Even saltwater fishermen are extolling the virtues of the Timber Doodle, as they now have a spoon that can easily fish the grassy flats of the Gulf. The Timber Doodle is the ideal spoon for both redfish and seatrout. Rigged with a Mister Twister Split Double Tail, it glides through the grass, parting the blades, not hooking them.

Fishing A Timber Doodle

3 Small Mouth BassCast your Timber Doodle directly into small pockets in lily pads, grasses or weeds. It can even be cast over and around fallen trees and brush. Let it sink to the bottom. Keep an eye on your line. Because the Timber Doodle flutters as it falls, bass, pike and, even, walleye will, many times, take it as it drops.

Tie your Timber Doodle directly to your line. Begin with a s-l-o-w steady retrieve. The Timber Doodle is designed to be fished slowly. "Walk" the Timber Doodle up and over any wood, surface weeds or floating debris. Stop it on top of a fallen log for a few seconds, then, gently "pop" it off the log into the water. It's a meal for any big bass laying in wait.

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