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2008 - June Testimonials

Jack McLaren – Boundary Waters

Lure: Aglia Long

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I've caught the biggest Northern Pike of my life (40 inches) on a number 2 Mepps Hot Firetiger Aglia Long. This was the only lure that was working when we were in the boundary waters. The pike and bass went nuts over it! I've never tried it in my home waters, but, I'm sure with the flash it puts out it will catch fish.

Matthew Fleenor – Private Fishing Pond, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Crappie (Black)

I have just began using the Mepps Black Fury with a dressed treble hook about a week ago. It has worked really well! In only 3 times fishing with it in a private Ohio pond I have caught over 15 largemouth bass, and even a couple crappie. Thanks Mepps for making such a great lure!

David – Kefner Lake, Palmer, Alaska

Lure: Syclops Lite

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

This lure was bringing trout out from under logs and from around vegetation. They chased it and hit it aggressively. It was the only lure out of my tackle box that was working, and bait wasn't working that day, but this lure was doing extremely well. I'm going to buy extras in case I lose this one.

Alex Retzloff – Colorado, Colorado

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (White) - Sunfish (shellcracker)

Using the Black Fury in size 0 with a yellow tail, I was able to catch a mess of fish, big and little, in a matter of minutes in a private pond in Colorado. Truly, this is a great lure and shows Mepps quality through out. Way to go Mepps!

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