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2010 - October Testimonials

John – Aniak,, Alaska

Lure: LongCast

Fish Caught: Grayling - Salmon, Chum - Salmon, Sockeye (red) - Trout, Dolly Varden - Trout, Rainbow

This Lure will work! I went on a Fly fishing trip with Spinning Rods only! The other Guys on the trip looked cool casting their Fly rods, but they couldn't keep up with the lures I bought from Mepps! I caught many species with this Lure, Thanks Mepps!

Jimmy – Taneycomo, Roaring River SP, Missouri

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

The trout in the upper lake of Taneycomo are very smart as they see every lure in the book. I had to try something they had not seen before so I tossed the Grasshopper Thunder Bug and managed to catch 4 solid 'bows. The following day was overcast and tossed white miller and caught 3 'bows. The Grasshopper color was beat up badly but used it at Roaring River State Park and managed 9 trout. Solid lure only issue is the blade gets worn out quicker than other spinners.

JohnVanderbeck – Private Strip Pit,Petersburg, IN, Indiana

Lure: Dorsal Fin

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I received a complimentary Dorsal Fin because of my purchase of other products through Mepps and thought this is a strange looking lure. But, this past month I decided to try it out. Two friends were along and we had caught a lot of small bass and noon was close at hand. I was in a back part of the lake where I never caught anything, so I tried the Dorsal Fin throwing down along a grass line. When the fish hit, I knew immediately it was a big one and hollered "Get the net". My buddies looked in vain as it was at their home. Don Byer from Bicknel said, "I can lip him". He did and the largemouth was 21 inches long and the largest I had caught in several months. The Dorsal Fin worked at noon on a bright, warm day in southern Indiana! John Vanderbeck

Adrian Webb – Mersey, Dasher,Leven Rivers Of Nthn.Tasmania. AUS Australia

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I have been using Mepps 00 & 0 Black Fury,Comets,Aglia & Thunder Bug
spinners here in Tasmania for many years and they would have to
be the most productive lure around. Last season 2009/10 I caught
over 1260 Brown & Rainbow Trout on them,and these are the only
lures I use.Thank you Mepps for producing such a great fish taker and helping me to be Ulverstone Angling Club Champion for
the past 4 years.

David Hartford – Pinkham Pond, Maine

Lure: Comet Mino

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth

Imagine the surprise. We were fishing this quiet little pond with little luck. My wife switched to a #1 Comet Mino, figuring to stir up some little guys, and landed it about 3 inches from the shore and nailed into a 20 inch Bass!! Great fun!

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