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Vermont Testimonials

Christian Giannantonio – Salisbury, Vermont

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Pike, Northern

Went fishing while spending a week at a friends lake house. Got countless Northern Pike, with the biggest at 4.80 Lbs. And got a new personal best Largemouth Bass at 3.54 Lbs. The size 3 spinner is my favorite.

William Chalmers – Colchester Pond, Vermont

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I used the pink and white GLO Aglia plain treble last night and caught 7 rock bass and one nice northern. I was told by Mr. Meppsman (Ted Najzer) that pink was a good color for fish and sure enough he was right. I just kept on pulling in fish on this thing.

Austin Davis – East Coast, Vermont

Lure: Aglia Streamer

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown

Hi Shep...
Hope you are having a fantastic day. My name is Austin Davis, I am a 27 year old, Chiropractor, who's been fishing since I was 5 and just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you (and Mepps) and to share a story. I am an avid fisherman, Recently I flew from Oakland, Ca. (my new home) to the East Coast (where I was born and raised) to visit friends and Family in CT, NY, RI and VT. Knowing that most of my friends and family live in pretty rural areas, I was excited to bring my fishing rod and do some exploring.
Upon landing I realized that I had not brought any lures, just the rod and reel. As soon as my buddy picked me up in NYC we drove to Eastern Vermont, where he lives (near Hartland, VT) and I made him stop in the first general store we saw. They had about 6 lures and an assortment of I grabbed a Mepps lure, because I had never used one and had heard a lot of good things. It was a single hook spinner, with a gold leaf and the the lure itself looked a bit like a large Marabou Fly ( but tied tighter, with 2 long, thin red feather accents off the top) in a dark green color.
I Really didn't know what to expect from the lure, because it looked like a fly and was a single hook spinner. Let me tell you...this one of the best lures I have ever used. I caught 7 different kinds of fish (no real trophies, but then again I was fishing tiny ponds and creeks the whole time, which was really a lot of fun) in 4 different states. The list is: Rainbow trout, Brook Trout, Perch, Pike, sunfish, chub, and Largemouth Bass. It was literally the only lure I used the entire trip and was able to not get it snagged and if I did it always came free eventually (Ithink that's bc of the single hook design). I have attached some pictures of the fish, I didn't get to photograph all of them.
As a consumer who has used countless different styles and types of lure, I'd really like to thank you for making a truly top quality product, on which I would def use again and again. This trip has converted me to a Mepps Fanatic will definitely be recommending your product to Family, Friends and Patients.

Thanks again,
Austin Davis

William Chalmers – Vermont, Vermont

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook

I have been having a lot of success with the copper Aglia in size 0. I have caught lots of Perch, Sunfish, Rock Bass and Brook Trout with it. It is a small fish killer. The fish totally go after this copper color.

William Chalmers – Indian Brook Reservoir In Essex Vermont, Vermont

Lure: Bantam Syclops

Fish Caught: Crappie (Black)

I never caught a Crappie ever before. I have caught lots of fish, like Trout, Bass, Pike and Pickerel but never a crappie. I was trying different lures with no luck at all. I then put on a 1/8 ounce Silver and Red Bantam Syclops single hook and got 4 crappie in like half an hour. Which I thought was great. One of the crappie was a bit over a pound and a bit over 12 inches. I thought it was a Bass. Another great lure from Mepps.

Jim Mumley – Colchester Pond Colchester, Vermont

Lure: Syclops

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

It was my first cast of the day; I tied on a Syclops # 3 lure in the Hot Firetiger pattern. I barely had time to close the bail on my reel when a 25" 7lb. northern hit . I caught about 6-7 pike that day but that first one was the biggest of the day.

Evan Cahill – Lake Champlain, Vermont

Lure: Musky Killer

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I was was a little shy about putting on such a big spinner for pike but boy am I glad I did!! I caught five pike ranging from 8lbs to 15lbs in one hour. You made a beliver out of me now I need a bigger takle box to hold all the lures I just bought!

Thank you so much for this product I will never forget this day of fishing.

Evan Cahill
North Hero, VT

Arthur Kreis – Wolcott, Vermont

Lure: Pro's Choice for Bass

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

My fishing buddy and I were fishing in a boat on Woodbury lake, VT when he showed me his Pro Series Bass set. I tied on the Timber Doodle from the set. After 3-4 cast I noticed a nice fish following the Timber Doodle in. I cast again and wham he bit! I started to reel and after I finally finished reeling and found a 16" inch, 2 lb. Largemouth

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