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2011 - October Testimonials

Mark Cox – Cuyahoga River, Akron, Ohio

Lure: Musky Killer

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

Where I normally fish is 2 to 5 feet deep with a slow current and a ton of logs and submerged debris. Last summer I decided to try a Mepps Musky Killer in the river. I was at first afraid that I would get a ton of snags with a heavy spinner. The Mepps Musky Killer worked SUPER! I could keep it running just under the surface. One afternoon my friend and I caught 11 pike on Musky Killers. Most over 30 inches (which are very nice for Ohio). I also caught a 36 inch pike and bunch of others this summer. Check them out in the Photo Section on this web site or see the video I posted on the Mepps Facebook page. CHOMP!!!!!

Adrian Webb – Meander, Leven,Dasher, Mersey Rivers, Tasmania Australia

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

Well, thanks to the great product that Mepps produce. I have managed to win the Ulverstone Angling Club trophy for the fifth year in a row. I caught a total of 871 Brown & Rainbow trout for the season of which only 10 per cent were kept.The Black Fury in the various colours caught 80 percent of the fish and the rest were taken on Aglia,Comet & Thunder Bug spinners of different colours also. If it wasn't for this great product, I don't think I would have had the success that I have had. Thanks again, Mepps, for producing such a great variety of fishing lures.

Adrian Webb – Lake Barrington, Sheffield, Tasmania. Australia

Lure: Aglia Long

Fish Caught: Salmon, Atlantic

On hearing that the Inland Fisheries had just released 700 large Atlantic Salmon into Lake Barrington which is only 15kms from home, I decided to go and fish for them. On arrival, the lake was like a sheet of glass not a ripple any where, so, I headed down to fish off one of the pontoons set on the lake edge. I attached my Aglia Long Rainbo Scale (No.5) to my line and started casting, after 30 minutes, I hooked and landed a well conditioned Another victim of a great Mepps product.

Ryan Vanne – Manitowoc River, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Lure: Aglia BRITE

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Steelhead - Trout, Brown - Salmon, Chinook (king)

I have been fishing the Manitowoc River for over 15 years now but never have I caught so many fish than on the new Aglia BRITE #3 Orange-Gold. October 5th was the first huge day as I reeled in an 11 lb. steelhead, a 7 lb. brown trout, 2 coho salmon about 5 lbs. each, 2 chinook salmon each over 10 lbs., and 3 smallmouth bass over 18". I caught all these fish on the Aglia BRITE in a span of about 50 minutes in the same hole. My go to was always the #3 Aglia dressed, but, I may have a new favorite. Either way these lures are deadly.

Jake – Private Pond, Springfield, Illinois

Lure: Comet Mino

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

The Comet Mino is my go to lure for any fishing situation. I was fishing in a large pond and had just recently bought the number 4 Comet Mino, the biggest I could find, and tried it out. I had great success 2 very nice 2-3 pound largemouths. The most dissapointing part of the day was when I hooked onto a monster largemouth (6+ pounds) and he threw the hook 5 feet from shore... but still a great day. Thanks MEPPS for making my trips succesful.

Jason Allen – Endicott, New York

Lure: Musky Killer

Fish Caught: Musky

If I had one lure to use to catch a big Musky, I would choose the Mepps Musky Killer with gold blade and yellow- enough said!

Puck –

Lure: XD

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

The XD #0 Gold blade/Gold body dressed has to be one of the best lures money can buy. In one day, I caught 12 rainbow trout until my knot snapped after I got the fish in. I really love it. Except if you're not careful you can bend the shaft, but won't damage it at all. Keep up the good work Mepps.

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