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Michigan Testimonials

Skipp Washington – Village Oaks Lake, Novi, Michigan

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (White)

The Thunder Bug is extremely versatile and durable. I've caught Largemouth, Crappie, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed all on the same lure (Bumble Bee), all in the same lake, all on the same day! It casts a country mile, an advantage fishing from shore, and comes in great Match-the-Hatch colors. The weight allows count-down capabilities which puts you at the right depth for Strikes. Hydrodynamic and sonically sound. These lures do not spook fish. I only wish they made these in sizes 4 and 5 with fluorescent colors, perfect for big Bass, Walleye and Salmon. Hint, hint!!

Jake Robertson – Portage Lake, Michigan

Lure: Magnum Aglia

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I caught five Northern Pike within two hours. All of them were large and gave a great fight. I used the gold version of the Magnum Aglia. Everyone else on the boat was using other lures. They caught nothing. I highly recommend the gold Magnum Aglia for Northern Pike.

Kevin Davis – Michigan

Lure: Aglia Flashabou

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern - Trout, Brook - Trout, Cutthroat - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

Best lures ever.. Hands down..
The new flashabou line is just awesome.. This is my second order this year. Although, I'm still killing the lakes in Michigan with them, I'm happy to inform that I just came back from a fishing tour around America. Outside of giving away one silver/red flashabou to a youngster in Wyoming (after I caught 9 fish on 10 casts), I fished them until I lost them. ;) Had great luck in Yellowstone (pinched barbs), Snake River(Swan valley), North Platte, Merced (Yosemite) and the Colorado River. They really work in most all Lakes and Rivers, and I caught more than 9 species, in 11 states, with the new flashabou's.. so far. ;)
If I could make one suggestion, Please make more flashabou tail colors, and have more of the Aglia spinner blade colors? ;)
Kevin Davis- Hazel Park, MI

Deloria James – Great Lakes And Tributaries, Michigan

Lure: Aglia BRITE

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Carp - Crappie (Black) - Grayling - Pike, Northern - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Salmon, Pink - Steelhead - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Lake - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye - Salmon, Chinook (king)

At 64 I've fished extensively throughout the Upper midwest from Northern Lower Mi. to Northern Mn. and everywhere in between for over 50 years. I am never without multiple styles and sizes of Mepps spinners. They have been my "go-to" lure all my life and I've caught everything I fish for on them. They always produce when nothing else will and never disappoint. This new "Aglia BRITE is my new favorite style. It amazes me that I will catch fish with it when with buddies who are using something else get skunked. Keep supplying us with these!

John Markel – Lake St Clare, Michigan

Lure: Crawler Harness

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Carp - Catfish, Blue - Musky - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Walleye

i pulled some big ones out of the 3 ft -6 ft water with this draging it behind the boat

Derrek CUmmings – Blanchard, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Sunfish (shellcracker)

Mepps are ALWAYS my go to lure. The only reason I ever switch, is to keep things interesting! But almost all of my fish have been caught on Mepps spinners! Great lure for Pike anywhere from 2ft to 12 or even deeper! The fish smash the lure so hard they almost always set the hook themselves! Mepps are just overall great lures and you never know whats gonna be on the line when you throw one and hook into something!

Jeff Mazzenga – Lake St.Clair, Michigan

Lure: Panfish Pocket Pac - #0 Aglia Dressed

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bass, White - Musky - Pike, Northern

Black Fury #3 Hot Firetiger with chartreuse dressing is my go to lure! Whenever I need to pick just one lure to have on me at all times that is it. No matter what time of day or night I have had great success. From Northerns and Musky to Bass and even perch.

Matt Corliss – Upper And Lower Peninsulas, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bowfin - Musky - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Walleye

The Mepps #3 gold with the brown tail is by far my favorite lure in my tackle box. I will not head out fishing if I don't have one. I have caught all of the fish listed above on a gold #3 with a brown tail. I typically target Northern pike, but will frequently catch Bass, and other fish, unintentionally. The best pike I ever caught was around 40 inches, but I have caught countless others over the years. Whenever someone asks my advice on fishing, I recommend the Mepps #3 and tell them that is all they will ever need.

Dave Wallace – Randall Lake, Coldwater, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I have been fishing with a variety of Mepps #5 Aglia spinners this year and have had the best fishing of my life. The whole family has followed my lead and we have been catching more Pike than ever before.Just a solid product, we are all hooked on Mepps.

Josh Scharp – Ore Lake, Hamburg , Michigan

Lure: Double Blade Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Pike, Northern

My fishing partner Steve and I tried over ten other lures to catch pike we knew were in his lake. Once we found the Mepps Double Bladed Aglia black spoon with gold skirt we finally started catching instead of just fishing. Both of us have caught over 5 pike over 30 inches and I caught a 40 inch monster that I'm very proud of. The Mepps Double Blade by far has outperformed the rest of the lures on the market designed to catch these stealthy monsters. Our lake is small but the pike are huge if you can get em to bite and this bait has shown us both how me pis stands alone in a dependable lure. The pike we don't get to hit follow this lure all the way to the boat on many occasions. That in itself makes fishing exciting and interesting.
Thanks Mepos for making another fine lure.

Jared – Little Traverse Bay, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth - Steelhead - Trout, Lake

Absolutely lights out when it comes to lake trout spawning in Lake Michigan. The lakers come in the shallows and they crush the #5 silver Mepps like it's their first meal they've ever seen! Time and time again, I've used them and I have caught more fish than anyone that fishes lake trout in the fall. Great product and great times!

Ethan – Da UP, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Steelhead - Trout, Brook - Trout, Rainbow

I've caught so many fish with these... Best lures around, IMHO. Learn how to use them properly and they will produce bites.

Brian Clark – Caro, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Crappie (Black)

WOW! Just went fishing for about an hour and caught 8 crappie and 2 bluegills. Brand new #3 Aglia Brown trout pattern with squirrel tail. Two of the Crappie were huge...15inches and 13inches. Award fish for sure! Picture to come...Mepps strikes again.These spinners catch fish!

Brian Clark – Caro, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I have been fishing with Mepps spinners since I was a kid and have caught hundreds of different fish on them! I caught my largest Large mouth Bass to date on a number 4 Aglia plain! It was a 20 inch fish and not sure of weight because I released it! Mepps does it again!

Rodney Patterson – Cedarville, Mi, Michigan

Lure: Aglia Long

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I have used the Mepps #3 Aglia Long for 20 some years and it is the best lure I have ever used. In fact, it is the only lure that I have in my tackle box. The only problem is that you do not sell them anymore. However, you have a young lady that works in your sales office that took the time to find me some. I would like to thank Mary Golbach for all her effort in finding us some more of the best lure there is.

Jeff – West Branch Lake, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Lure: Syclops

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

The number 2 Hot Orange Syclops is the best pike lure I have ever used. This lure is ALWAYS tied onto one of my rods when me and my fishing buddies are fishing our favorite U.P. lakes. I bought the number 2 which worked great, next year I'm going to try the number 3 which will hopefully attract the bigger pike. My only complaint would be the hooks, I replace the original hooks with sharper ones, which is no big deal. The Hot Orange is definitely a great color for pike. I also had some luck with the gold color, but the Hot Orange is the one that is always tied on. Thank you Mepps for a GREAT lure.

Todd Scheck – Grand River, Michigan

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Smallmouth

Um, well, I happened along the Black Fury by accident really. Although I only have 4x 16' bass in my freezer, in the last 1.5 months, I have caught more than 60 Smallmouth Bass ranging from 6" up to 16". I have two severely abused Black Furry lures(#4's) with paint chipping off, and The fish honestly will not leave it alone. Wish I had a camera to show what I'm saying. I have never had this much fun fishing.

Rod Scripter – Muskegon River, Big Rapid's, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

I was fishing out of my Kayak N of Big Rapid's. I launched and casted approximately four times when I got hooked on a rock, the water was very swift and hard to turn my Kayak around. As my line got tighter, I reached for my pole to release my line when the rod popped out of my hand and into the river. I was struggling to paddle upstream and thought my fishing was over for the day. I managed to paddle up to my rod and could just barely see the reel with all the rippling water. I took my paddle and scooped the tip of rod up and grabbed the reel and released the bail, what a relief. I managed to get my lure, a #2 Aglia bucktail copper blade, and my favorite I may add, out of the rocks. Well, about 6 casts later, I landed an 18" 2-lb largemouth. Now, that is an up-and-down adventure.

Alan R. Smith – Washago Pond, Willow Metropark, Michigan

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Crappie (Black)

The first time I used a Black Fury Dressed treble, I caught a Largemouth Bass. There have been days when this is the only lure that has produced. A #3 Flourescent Orange and #4 Yellow have been equally successful. To my surprise, I landed an 11 inch, 1+ pound Black Crappie using a #4 Yellow Black Fury. I had no clue that such large Crappie were in this pond.

Matt Kiekintveld – Pickeral Lake, Newago, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Pike, Northern

All I have to say is dang! It seems to me that my white Mepps is one of the greatest lures in my tackle box, it hasn't failed me yet, I consistently catch some great northerns on it, when all else fails, my Mepps doesn't let me down, it kills me inside anytime I lose one, this is by far one of my favorite lures, hands down one of the greatest ever made in my opinion.

JT Donovan – Western UP, Michigan

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

The #5 Black Fury in black/chartreuse and black/fluorescent orange absolutely slayed the pike while we were camping. Pike didn't just hit the lure, they crushed it with wreckless abandon. My number one pike lure by far. I wish you had more colors because I've bought them all.

Austin – Lake St Clair, Michigan

Lure: Comet Mino

Fish Caught: Musky

I got two Mepps Comet Mino lures a size 2 and 4 both with silver blades. The next day I rode my bike to lake St Clair and fished I was fishing with worms and not getting much. So, I decided to do some casting. I was using the size 2 for largemouth or a small pike, but, on my third cast hooked in to a 38.5 inch musky. No leader, no net, and 8lb test. Being on the end of the pier, I had to walk it down to the rocks where I grabbed it, measured it and tried to weigh it, but, my scale bottomed out at 14lb. Wrecked the lure, but. it was worth it considering I got it for free. Plan on getting more. It's a great lure, you never know what you will get with it.

Fisherman J – Thousand Island Lake, MI, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern

I caught Pike AND Weeds

Fisherman J – Lake Gogebic, Michigan

Lure: Aglia Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Walleye

Works Great!

Thomas Arnold – Local Gravel Pits, Michigan

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth

This lure is, and was my secret weapon until I left it mistakenly on the shore. I, like the others, cannot find them anywhere. I ask at every small time bait shop, large stores such as Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops, and no one has a clue what lure I'm describing. Guess it's a good thing if no one knows about them.... it'll be my secret lol. On the Mepps site is the only place I know where to get them.

Bryon – Warren, Michigan

Lure: Aglia Long Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

One of the best trout lures out there. I love the Mepps Ultra Lite series. For my money they're the best trout spinners on the market. I use these when the water is particularly fast because the willow blade lets the spinner runner deeper in the water than the normal french bladed Mepps Ultra Lites. I've caught all kinds of trout on these and always have at lest half a dozen of both silver and gold in my trout box at all times. Can't miss with these little gems.

Curtis Kortman – Big Wabasis Lake, Kent County, Near Rockford, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Pike, Northern

I recently went fishing with my grandpa who has all the gear and tackle but not the most know-how. I told him how when whenever I go fishing we always use Mepps spinners #3 and it is very rare that we ever go fishing without catching something. He didn't believe me at first, but he had a lot of Mepps in his box he said his friend had given him but he thought they weren't worth anything. He started to throw one out and about 15 minutes later he was hooked. He caught a 32" northern the first time we went out. Now whenever I ask him what he's going to use I know its going to be some kind of Mepps and we always catch fish.

Frank Benning – Waterford MI, All Lakes, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Bowfin - Catfish, Channel - Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow - Pickerel - Pike, Northern - Sunfish (shellcracker)

I use the #3 squirrel tail/silver blade, along with some custom made Mepps. I always have at least one pole with it on, sometimes 3 poles. I outfish everyone with this lure alone.

Bryon – Warren, Michigan

Lure: Aglia Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

This is the best spinner Mepps makes in my experience. I've been out more than once with a lot of people fishing an area and not getting much of anything while I'm getting trout to at least hit on every cast with these. I like all three colors(Silver, Gold and Copper) be sure to change it up often. These are a great trout lure, one of my best without a doubt but they also catch some BIG bass and panfish. Not to mention I've had good size northern pike go after these as well. All in all an awesome lure for any ultra lite fisherman and that's why I always have 5 of every color in my box.

Bryon – Warren, Michigan

Lure: XD

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I like using the number 0 XD when I need a bit of extra weight and need a spinner to run a little deeper than the Ultra Lite Series. A great bait in small streams and from shore for just about any kind of trout, but bass and panfish also love these little spinners. Silver/Black and Gold/Black are my two favorite colors. Something I love about these is how slow you can fish them and the blade keeps moving. If your a serious trout fisherman do yourself a favor and get some of these.

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