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Rainbow Trout Testimonials

Gabriel – Oak Creek Sedona

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

Dude.. these are sick!! I purchased 3 and all I needed was 1 cast! Super happy I found. Pretty durable too plus the looks!!.

Ryne Hansen РPend O’Reille, Bayview, Idaho

Lure: Trophy Series

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Trout, Dolly Varden - Trout, Lake - Trout, Rainbow

Silver Mepps No. 4 are the best, most consistent lure I’ve ever used. Over my lifetime the biggest, and the most fish I’ve ever caught were all on Mepps.

Michael M – Bailey's Ford, Iowa

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

My son (4) absolutely loves fishing and asked me if we could go on a special trout-fishing trip together. Having very little experience with fishing for trout, I did a bit of research ahead of time. We were going to be fishing in the Driftless Region where the streams are small enough that spin fishing is an excellent choice. The Mepps Thunder Bug let us "match the hatch" for grasshoppers and I custom-ordered a few single-hooked versions for catch and release. It was an excellent trip; with each of us reeling in a few small brookies, browns, and rainbows on our bugs.

James Caldwell – Texas

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Grayling - Pike, Northern - Salmon, Chum - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Salmon, Pink - Trout, Dolly Varden - Trout, Rainbow - Salmon, Chinook (king)

I've been fishing and guiding on the Nushagak River for 15 years, an undressed Aglia with a Hot Pink blade will draw strikes from just about every species in the river and a #5 is all I want to throw at Coho.

Charles W Taylor – Barboursville, Virginia

Lure: Aglia Flashabou

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Trout, Rainbow

This is the only bait that I have ever used that can catch 3lb largemouth and 3lb rainbows from the same spot using a #2 silver blade with black tail. I need to get more colors just wished they were not so hard to find in the stores in Virginia.

Joseph Schroeder – Private Pond, Wisconsin, Wisconsin

Lure: Black Fury Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

The #0 Black Fury with pink dots, is by far the best spinner for stocked trout I have ever used, one fish after another.

Cole Rochon – Middle Range Pond, Poland, Maine

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Pickerel - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I fish 5-6 days a week on my lake from early spring to late fall. Mepps spinners have always been a go to when casting for bass. Today I pulled out a Mepps from my grandfather's tackle box (guessing 30 years old.) What followed was the single most amazing hour I've ever spent on the water. In one hour, I caught over 35 fish, and more amazingly, six different types! Large mouth, small mouth, chain link, brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout. I'm still in awe.

Kevin Davis – Michigan

Lure: Aglia Flashabou

Fish Caught: Pike, Northern - Trout, Brook - Trout, Cutthroat - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

Best lures ever.. Hands down..
The new flashabou line is just awesome.. This is my second order this year. Although, I'm still killing the lakes in Michigan with them, I'm happy to inform that I just came back from a fishing tour around America. Outside of giving away one silver/red flashabou to a youngster in Wyoming (after I caught 9 fish on 10 casts), I fished them until I lost them. ;) Had great luck in Yellowstone (pinched barbs), Snake River(Swan valley), North Platte, Merced (Yosemite) and the Colorado River. They really work in most all Lakes and Rivers, and I caught more than 9 species, in 11 states, with the new flashabou's.. so far. ;)
If I could make one suggestion, Please make more flashabou tail colors, and have more of the Aglia spinner blade colors? ;)
Kevin Davis- Hazel Park, MI

Ben Webster – A Lake In Alamosa, Colorado

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

Been using Mepps spinners my whole life and have caught hundreds of fish with them.

Deloria James – Great Lakes And Tributaries, Michigan

Lure: Aglia BRITE

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Carp - Crappie (Black) - Grayling - Pike, Northern - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Salmon, Pink - Steelhead - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Lake - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye - Salmon, Chinook (king)

At 64 I've fished extensively throughout the Upper midwest from Northern Lower Mi. to Northern Mn. and everywhere in between for over 50 years. I am never without multiple styles and sizes of Mepps spinners. They have been my "go-to" lure all my life and I've caught everything I fish for on them. They always produce when nothing else will and never disappoint. This new "Aglia BRITE is my new favorite style. It amazes me that I will catch fish with it when with buddies who are using something else get skunked. Keep supplying us with these!

Matthew Hoxit – French Broad, North Carolina

Lure: XD

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Rock - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (Black) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Lake - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

By far the best spinners I have ever used. I swear by them. I literally catch my limit every time I go fishing. I will never use anything else!!

Lisa Mongillo – Chattooga River, SC/GA Border, South Carolina

Lure: Spin Flies

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I was out on a day where the fishing report was bleak and I wasn't getting a bite or seeing a single fish rise. I crossed paths with a kind stranger who asked, "What are you using?" I showed him my fancy new "Trout Magnet crank bait" that was "guaranteed to reel em' in". He took a single hook Mepp's spin fly out of his stash and said, "Here, keep it. It's the only lure you will ever need." I walked downstream as the stranger left and caught a decent 10" brown trout on my second cast. A few minutes later I caught a fiesty little rainbow. Neither fish was huge, but the stranger saved me from getting skunked on a day where the fish were hiding out. I just ordered half a dozen more in a few patterns. Can't wait to get back out there!

Jae Lee – Connecticut

Lure: Comet MX Mino

Fish Caught: Salmon, Atlantic - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Salmon, Pink - Salmon, Sockeye (red) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Lake - Trout, Rainbow - Salmon, Chinook (king) - Salmon, Quananiche (landlocked)

I want to tell Mr. Sheldon what a big fan of Mepps lures I have been for the last 35 years. Mepps outfish most other brands. I bought a ton of Mepps spinners and spoons and caught a lifetime of trout and salmon! Mr. Sheldon, I hope your company grows and reaches the entire world in your quest to satisfy millions of fishermen with Mepps! You make the number one spinners in the entire world, undoubtedly no one can dispute that! I've been using Mepps ever since adolescence and your lures never let me down! I hope you keep making more successful lures in the future and grow your business a thousand fold. Don't forget Syclops! Simply better than Pixees, no other spoon comes close to producing fish than Syclops. I wanted to send you a personal letter by mail, but I'm so busy with work, I hope this email reaches you safely. I just want to commend you for making the best trout and salmon lures in the world. Been using Mepps for 35 years and I'm a very happy customer! Thank you so much and I wish you much continued success!

Clint Reinhart – Little Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

Second cast at the spot along the creek. Trout went right for it. Biggest trout in the hole. This lure is one of a kind.

Eric Miller – Yellow Breeches, Pennsylvania

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

This is a very great product for use in lake or streams for trout.

Glenn Miller – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lure: Aglia Marabou

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Musky - Trout, Rainbow

Mepps spinner baits have always been a consistent fish catcher. I regularly use the Comet to catch bass and crappie. This past Easter I used a number 5 Aglia dressed and hooked a 40" musky. You can't go wrong with Mepps spinners.

Aidan Baumstark – Califon, New Jersey

Lure: Double Blade Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bass, Striped - Pike, Northern - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Lake - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

This is possibly the greatest fishing lure ever devised, it can be fished deep, shallow, fast or, slow. I caught my personal best bass, my personal best pike, and my personal best trout on this lure. I have never had a better lure than this, the next time that I see this lure I will buy 10. Thank you, Mepps!

Dustin DesRoches – Patterson Lake, Oak Burn Manitoba Canada , Manitoba , Canada

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

This lure is a trout master!! I have caught 8 monsters in the last year just with this awesome lure!

Ronald Jankowski – Allegany Ny, New York

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Crappie (Black) - Pike, Northern - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

I remember I showed up to a spot my friend showed me and I really wasn't sure what kind of fish were in this pit. I just had a gold undressed Mepps number 2 size spinner on and I threw it in the corner of this pond. Next thing ya know I thought I had a big snag, but, sure enough I reeled in a 36" northern pike...

Pete Wise – East Licking Creek, Port Royal, Pennsylvania

Lure: Bantam Syclops

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

Ultralight spinning for trout is my passion, and I can always count on Mepps lures for success. On a recent trip to a favorite small stream, I caught and released native brook trout as well as wild rainbows and browns...all taken on a #0 Bantam Syclops spoon in silver and red. This great lure has never let me down. It is one of my "go to" lures for trout and panfish, and the larger Syclops are outstanding for river smallmouth bass! Simply put, Mepps lures catch fish when nothing else will.

Travis Hill – White Pine River, Cloquet River And Private Lake , Minnesota

Lure: Minos

Fish Caught: Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (Black) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Sunfish (shellcracker) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I love Mepps!! I only really use Mepps, not just spinners, but, I ordered replacement Minos and use them on spring crappie and sunny spawn. I catch 3 fish to everyone else's!!! How you ask? I don't have to get a minnow out of minnow bucket! Plus, I use Mepps on fly rods with a sight indicator. Between St. Croix and Mepps I will continue to dominate anyone I fish with!!!

Dilly Vue – Taku Lake, Alaska

Lure: Thunder Bug

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

This was my first spinner I ever got....
When cast it is very light, but, no matter
you can still get 'em from short distances.

When I use salmon eggs or any live bait
nothing seems to hit, even worms.

I caught 5 smallmouth trout and 5 bigmouth trout
Everyone in facebook thinks I'm snagging, but this Thunder Bug gets me everywhere....I use size 0. :)

Jerry Wilson – Elk River, Avery County, North Carolina

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I am in the high Appalachians of Northwest North Carolina. Don't let Elk "River" fool you. Like most of our cold, rugged, high mountain streams it is 50 yards wide at it's widest and normally half that on average. It is, on average knee to waist deep with pools just over my head. I am 6'2". However, it is running down a mountain and the currents, undertows, whirls and eddies make it dangerous. Our trout season opens the first Saturday in April - many times up here there is a snow covering on opening day, but the Elk is normally thawed sufficiently for fishing. From opening day until mid-September the copper, undressed Aglia, "0", single drop is THE Spinner. This spinner is effective on Rainbow until the Elk freezes over-in January usually. However, I switch to pink in the fall, because the Browns and Brookies seem to love it and few Browns or Brookies are caught before fall here. Come to Avery and Watauga counties in North Carolina to trout fish. If you have tried the Asheville area it is great trout fishing. We are 1500 to 3000+ feet above Asheville; we are a different world.

Brian Kreutz – Madison, Wisconsin

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bass, Striped - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Crappie (White) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Sunfish (shellcracker) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

I LOVE the Aglia spinners. My son and I use them as a "go to" lure for pretty much anything we fish for and ALWAYS have luck when we do. Thanks for making such an awesome product Mepps!!!!

Bob Hayett – Heritage Lake, Olathe, Kansas

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bass, White - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Catfish, Channel - Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Trout, Brook - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow - Walleye

I have found that Black Furies work amazingly well in two situations: In and around rocky shorelines and reeling them fast over spawning fish. I caught nearly a ten pound largemouth last year right next to a rocky shore.

Tom Barnett – Little Red River, Heber Springs, AR, Arkansas

Lure: Bantam Syclops

Fish Caught: Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I have fished for trout for 30 years, mostly in Arkansas's Little Red River, using ultralight spinning equipment. Certain stretches of the river require single, barbless hooks for catch-and-release fishing. About a year ago I tried a Bantam Syclops with its single hook easily made barbless, and it is now my lure of choice -- with and without the barb. I love the action of the lure and the results. As a plus, the weight and the design make it ideal for fishing shallow shoals without snags.

Adrian Webb – Mersey River, Kimberley, Tasmania Australia

Lure: Aglia Ultra Lites

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow


With the weather forecast not looking all that flash today I wasn't going fishing at all, then by 2.00pm this afternoon it wasn't really too bad. So I darted off to Kimberley for a bit of a session in the Mersey River. The river had dropped by a few inches since my trip here last week and it was running clear. I headed to an area downstream from where I was going to start the afternoon stint and on the very first cast I was into a fish. It was a nice solid rainbow that hit the little gold Mepps #00 Aglia hard and fast. Well after a few leaps and runs it was soon in the net, photographed and released. Great start to the session and it was my first Mersey River rainbow for the season too which was good. This fish was in excellent condition and went 340gms and was a beautiful coloured fish as well.
The next run of water I hooked and lost a small brown and had a couple of follows from a few smaller fish that were only half interested in the spinner. I changed to a F-3 Rapala rainbow pattern and used that in the next two long stretches of river, but I could only manage another couple of follows from medium sized browns. So it was on with a Mepps #00 copper Black Fury, this colour has been the most favoured by the trout over most of my trips this season. Well two casts into the next stretch of water and I had another rainbow on and this one was a little smaller than the last 'bow. I soon had it in and quickly released.
There were now a few rain drops falling and it wasn't long before it became a little heavier and I thought it was time to head on back to the car. Then it stopped with a few minutes and so I continued on. Well I should have headed back to the ''Trout Stalker 2'' as all I could mange over the next five hundred minutes was five hookups (all browns) and lost every one of them. Every fish was lost on the second or third jump from the river, still that's trout fishing. It was near 5.00pm when I decided to finish up and head back to the car. In all it wasn't too bad today really as there were signs of a few more fish making an appearance which is good. The one thing that hasn't changed in the Mersey River here is the river bottom. It is still a slippery as ever and it does still knock the body around that's for sure. My Korkers studded felt soled wading boots are just great in these conditions, as they do make a hell of a difference than the old rubber soled waders. With poor weather forecast for the next few days I will be thinking about what river I may hit on the next trip.
Adrian (meppstas)

Jerry – Farm Pond, Dobson, N.C., North Carolina

Lure: Black Fury

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Catfish, Blue - Catfish, Channel - Crappie (Black) - Crappie (White) - Perch, Yellow - Trout, Brown - Trout, Rainbow

I have often said that most largemouth bass anglers spend a lifetime hoping to catch at least one that weighs 5 lbs., or more. Yesterday, I was "lucky" enough to catch 4 that weighed a total of 29 lbs., 15 ounces, with the larger one being 9 lbs., 5 ounces, and the "smaller" one 5 lbs., and 15 ounces. But "the big one got away'! I hooked one which I brought to the boat, and just as I reached for what looked to be a 10 + pound fish he broke the swivel, and left with my Black Fury lure. Mepps lures are the best for crappie, and bass!!

Richard Sprau – Hauser Lake Helena , Montana

Lure: Flying C

Fish Caught: Trout, Rainbow

The rainbow trout sure like these things. Caught trout both trolling and casting them. The trout here run 3-5 lbs, but, both 5/8 and 7/8 ounce spinners work, trolling and casting as well. Worst thing is my 12 year old niece was the one who turned me onto these spinners. Chartreuse seems to be what the trout want to eat.

Ethan – Da UP, Michigan

Lure: Aglia & Dressed Aglia

Fish Caught: Bass, Largemouth - Bass, Smallmouth - Bluegill (Bream, Brim) - Perch, Yellow - Pike, Northern - Salmon, Coho (silver) - Steelhead - Trout, Brook - Trout, Rainbow

I've caught so many fish with these... Best lures around, IMHO. Learn how to use them properly and they will produce bites.

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